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With the release of Pokemon GO, augmented reality has become a buzzword again. So some credit goes to the hype around Pokemon GO. Although Microsoft is not alone and first one that is working on augmented reality, but it is one of the biggest proponents of this technology that is unfortunately extremely limited. It is limited to only a small number of devices. In the coming year, this scenario will be changed and a number of developers will come up with such devices that will be working on this technology.

Windows Holographic for Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft will release its Windows Holographic platform, as well as its AR shell in 2017, to any and all Windows 10 computers. Microsoft dropped a hint about this news in the month of June this year and unleashed about its mixed reality plan. The term ‘Mixed Reality’ is used here because it embraces both AR and VR. In broader sense, it is utilizing both manufactured and real visual content, both 2D and 3D apps, while giving the so-called “six degrees of freedom (left, right, up, down, forward, backward), and Windows Holographic is key to that mixed reality.

On technical front, Windows 10 already has many of the hooks that Windows Holographic uses. However, those hooks aren’t easily available for developers to use and bring some limitation for the user interface that makes it possible to conveniently use Holographic. This is an anticipation Microsoft may roll out the platform to Windows 10 PCs in the coming year.  According to sources, Microsoft with its hardware partners, working on a specification that will certify mixed reality ready PCs and headsets, pretty much Windows Holographic compatible devices. And these devices will allow Windows 10 users to experience a virtual world where 3D objects, conventional 2D desktop apps, and augmented reality scenes collide.

Windows 10 is a very popular operating system and its users are increasing regularly. With the evolving advancements in technology, this version of Windows will bring more features and flexibility. If any of you want to upgrade to Windows 10, you can seek the help of our certified technicians.