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There are multiple options if you want an external hard drive for your Mac. But it is a tedious task to find the one that is compatible to your needs. Often people get confused when it comes to finding the right external hard drive because of so many options out there. If you want to buy a right solution for you, it will be better that you consider various important factors like how many computers are connected to your home network, how much data you need to store, the sensitivity of your data, the physical size of the drive, backup speed, how good you are with the device, portability, etc.  All the important things are discussed below that you need to take into account while buying an external hard drive for your Mac computer.

Buying Mac External Hard Drive

Required Space

You may get 2 terabyte drive in up to $200 or even 4TB model for $300, but it will be a wise decision if you buy a drive that fulfills your requirement of needed space. Often people want to buy a largest drive at lower cost even though it is not required. It is a good idea because large space will allow you to accumulate more data in the coming years. It will be good if you really need to store data on a consistent basis. Every computer user wants a drive that has at least the same amount of storage as his computer’s hard drive. If you need to carry the backup with you while travelling, the physical size of the drive is also an important consideration.

Hard Drive  Required Space


Another consideration that you need to take into consideration is the speed of the external hard drive. Although online storage options are a good idea but the problem that people find is that they’re really too slow. If you are creating online backup after the first backup, they may take days to complete the next one. That’s the reason why computer users prefer an external hard drive because they offer a faster solution. It is easy to store data like audios, videos, and text files on external drives. The only little complication is that for the installation of the drive require a little bit of technical know-how. If you are technically sound, an external hard drive is a better alternative than all other forms of storage.

External Hard Drive  Speed for Mac

How are you in dealing with your computer devices

Your tech skills are very helpful to resolve many of the tech issues associated with your computing devices. The choice and decision of buying an external hard drive will be very analytical and easy for you if you know how to of your devices very well.

If you are not a tech-savvy, it is better option that you choose the simplest option. You tech-skills will help you to find a fairly easy to set up a backup. If you are looking for the handy options, thumb drives and optical discs may serve your purpose but they will require using multiple discs and devices for creating the backup. An external hard drive is always a good alternative if you’re not adept at technology because they run without software and you can create backup with just at the push of a button.

Number of computers you have

This is something you always need to keep in mind before buying an external hard drive. If multiple computers are running on a same network, then you need to purchase a drive that can cover all the devices that are connected to the same network because it will help you in sharing the data you will save or you have saved. It may take some time to install, but you will find it a smart solution in a long run. You can also connect it through Ethernet cable if your computer is placed near a router. Using a wired connection will give you increased speeds almost 50 times faster than an usual wireless connection.

Number of computers you have

Include more protection

If you have placed your computer near the power backup of your home, then it is prone to catch fire or other problems. If you want to keep your content as safe as possible then backup all the data in a different location. If you will create backup at multiple locations, chances of keeping your data will be increased even if something happens to your computer.

Include more protection

Types of backup

There are different backup options like internal and external drives, network drives, online services, and thumb devices. Internal drives are the fastest backup, but their installation is a complicated process. However it is a more susceptible to malware that cause the infections in the primary drive. Optical discs are quite easy to use, but they don’t have so much storage space and you will need a lot of them. Plus, these discs are prone to wear and tear.

Types of backup

Thumb drives are far better option if they provide higher capacities than optical drives. They are easy to use; still they don’t have the same capacity as hard drives. Among all types of backups, an external hard drive is the most appealing option.

If you owns a lot of data and that is very important to you then having an external hard drive is a must in order to secure your data from being damaged or lost. Sometimes, people have a huge amount of data to store but they can’t store that because of the limited storage capacity of the computers. For such a huge amount, they need external source that help to take the load off your computer and keep the data safe. There is a plethora of external drives out there to choose from if you want to store your data.

If you are facing any complication while choosing the right hard disk for your Mac computer or creating the backup of your data from Mac computers or iOS devices, call us to get instant technical help. We have a team of certified technicians to help you in the hours of technical need related to your Apple Devices.