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Human life has been changed a lot because of the new approaching technologies and advancements. Artificial Intelligence is such a technology that has revolutionized the definition of automation. Each one of you know that computing powers are getting double with every passing year. There is no surprise that computing power is getting the new heights in terms of rendering and simplifying the digital life of users. Human have the limited energy and capacity, but machines can be used continuously for a long period of time.


Artificial Intelligence is a technology that will have a great impact on every individual’s life either positively or negatively. As per a recent report, it was speculated that automation alone may trade on 86 million U.S. jobs by 2021. Just imagine how huge loss it will for a massive workforce. Automation has already attacked on the employment and has replaced many jobs. With the growing population, technology is also flourishing and challenging the human involvement in performing their jobs. With the increasing scope of digitization, less number of workforces will be required in the digital economy.


With every advanced technology, advance changes will take place that will ultimately target the employment rate. It create a challenge for the society as well as companies to trade off between manual work and automated work. Businesses will prefer to opt out machines as they are more efficient and productive, but it will complicated the life of individuals as it the source of disturbance that is unbalancing the life of more and more people with every passing day.

 Today, when everything is being digitized and all of us are hugely incumbent on technology is dragging human race to the same stage where it used to be. When machines will start doing the work of humans, what will they do and why anyone will pay the work that can be done with the help of automation machines. It is acceptable that Artificial intelligence and such technologies are simplifying users life, but they also are the reason that are making individuals life more complicated.

Although, with every new invention and advancement, new opportunities will be introduced for the individuals, but it will strike hard on the existing system and cut down the existing jobs. There is a need of maintain the balance between the new and old system.  With the introduction of new technologies, skilled workforce will be required. There is a requirement of skilled workforce in many industries, Because of recent technical advancements and globalization, many of the industries has gone through a phase of recession that has wiped out a great number of jobs.

ITES industry is the industry that has experienced its severe impact as companies are counting more on machines and avoiding in investing in people. Automation has affected call center jobs on a large scale and employees’ well-being is being impacted. Companies are shipping their jobs to the countries where they need to invest less on everything or people are losing their jobs to automation. To combat this situation, there is the need of maintaining the balance between human skills and automation. Companies need to bear their responsibilities and should not trade only on monetary gains.

Automation is like Tsunami. Till now you may not be able of foreseeing the consequences complete automation may bring, but this next wave of technology may it may disturb long-term sustainability.

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