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Malware authors release millions of new threat variants each day and perform their malicious code execution on unsuspecting users at regular basis. Get ready with your guards to get secured again malware as you could be the next victim of a phishing scam, driven-by downloaded ransomware, malware, or any other infectious code.


Implementing reliable, comprehensive endpoint security is one of the imperative defenses against this never-ending barrage of malpractice. An easy-to-use application that doesn’t bog down the performance of your system resources may be prove an apt decision for the safety of your machine. Security doesn’t mean to trade on productivity and there are so many applications that can be prove the right choice. Before making a decision which endpoint protection to buy, keep in mind the following must-have criteria:

Reliable Anti-malware Detection

Into the constantly evolving threat landscape, dependable technology and exhaustive research is the backbone for a reliable endpoint security software solution. The software need to be able of detecting and removing viruses, bots, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, and other malware types efficiently. To have a robust fence of defend against new malware variants and Zero-day threats, select an anti-malware solution that leverages heuristics, definitions, and other advanced detection capabilities.

Easy Management

Complexity doesn’t mean security. Complex and crowded management consoles take too long to learn and figure out all the functionality.  And it won’t make your network any safer if you are not able of finding out the functionality of the software you have installed. Your endpoint security should have an intuitive and customizable interface and it should be easy to deploy. You can’t afford to miss a cyber threat just because you are not able of finding out which function could have blocked it.

Small Footprint

Replace your endpoint security solution if it is resource-intensive and conflicts with the productivity of your system and the applications running on it. Security tools are meant for the protection, not to get in the way. Hence, opt out an endpoint security solution that will have minimal on system resources.

Strong Test Results

Choose a solution that performs strong in independent AV software in comparison to one those that perform poorly while tests. These independent tests make it clear how well the software solution  perform on essential security functionality such as detecting new threats and ransomware, rate and speed of detection of emerging threats, emerging malware, and live URL lookup. If the tool doesn’t have the potential of doing that, it is not able of protecting you.

Ransomware Protection

In the year 2016, ransomware has earned no- 1 rank in the dubious distinction of Cyber Threat. Any endpoint security software solution without ransomware protection isn’t worth of buying and installing. A potential solution should include features like advanced protection tools and features to detect new threats and perform instant behaviour analysis, bad URL blocking, and automated patch management. Means, it should have all the features that are most likely to deter a ransomware attack.

If the tool you are testing or you have chosen has a failing grade in any of the criteria listed above means this is not the right software to install on your machine.  It won’t be able of keeping your network malware-free. You need to insist on a solution that meets above listed requirements while reviewing endpoint security options.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security is a potential application that ensures tight protection and follows the above mentioned criteria to keep you secure in the most challenging situation. It include features like anti-malware, anti-phishing, integrated patch management, a firewall, malicious URL protection,  real-time behavior monitoring to protect you from ransomware, Zero-days and other pervasive infections and threats that may easily evade from a traditional antivirus. Kaspersky put advanced defenses to keep you safe and if you want to buy and install Kaspersky on your device and facing any issue and error, you can ask the TechNetOnlines experts for help. TechNetOnlines offer comprehensive support for Kaspersky antivirus and its other  products. You can give a call on our toll free number at any instant.