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As soon as the versatility of Android devices are increasing, the need of long battery life is also increasing. It’s one the major concern for Android smartphone users. It’s observed that by the time, there is a decrease in battery the performance. Although a slight drop is normal, but if deterioration happens drastically then it can be a serious problem. In that case re-calibrating your battery can be the best option. Often this problem arises due to irregular charging patterns or misbehaving phone applications. Plus flashing a custom ROM is also a known reason of the drastic battery drain.

Before knowing the ways of calibration, just know what it means to calibrate your battery. To track the level of charge remaining, the android system has a built-in indicator that shows when it’s full, low or empty. But sometimes, this data becomes corrupted and it starts displaying the incorrect information because it can’t detect exact battery level. This may have happened with you or you may have heard about it that phone shutdowns suddenly even though there’s a substantial charge on your battery.

If this happens, you have to calibrate your battery. Battery calibration is a process where you simply reset your battery stats and generate a fresh battery stats file to wipe out all false information so that the Android system can start displaying the correct information about the battery stat.


Before starting battery calibration process, take care of these two points:

  • Check if Battery itself is the problem

If you have a removable battery, take it out to check if the battery is damaged physically like if it’s not bloated or swollen. It there is something like this, it means that the battery is damaged and in that case calibrating will do no good for your phone. If you found it damaged, either take it to repair shop for expert opinion or change it.

  • Clear cache partition

While upgrading to a new android version or flashing a custom ROM, battery drain is a common complaint made by many Android users. So it’s better to clear your cache partition before you calibrate your battery. And to do this, reboot your phone into recovery mode, scroll to “Wipe Data/Factory reset” and click the option “Wipe Cache Partition”.

Now it’s safe to calibrate your Android’s battery.

To calibrate your battery on a non-rooted Android device

For non-rooted android devices, calibration could be a bit cumbersome as it is a manual process. There is no guarantee that it will work. Moreover, sometimes, it could be harmful. However, if you are facing serious problems with your battery, you can take the risk of calibrating the battery.

Just follow the steps below to perform calibration:

  1. Let your phone discharge completely means let it go off because of low battery
  2. Do not turn on your device while charging and charge it until it reads 100%.
  3. Now before turning on the phone, unplug the charger first.
  4. Leave it lying for 30 minutes, then plug-in for charging again for about an hour and don’t use it while it is plugged in.
  5. Now unplug the device and use it normally till the time battery is completely drained again.
  6. Then again charge it to 100%.
  7. With this procedure you have reset the Android system battery. 

To calibrate your battery on a rooted Android device

For rooted users, it’s a much simpler process to calibrate. You just need to make sure that the battery is fully charged before continuing:

  1. Download the Battery Calibration app from Google Play Store.
  2. Now launch the application.
  3. Here click the calibrate button to grant the application root access.
  4. Reboot your device and use it normally until it reaches zero%.
  5. Again charge the device until 100%.
  6. Now you will see the correct charge stat of your Android battery.

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