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Every machine becomes slow and starts using problems with the time. Computers are no mere example of this fact. They also become slow as they age. Any one may run into this issue using a machine more than three years. You may experience a sluggish performance of your PC even if it was performing well before.

There are particular reasons of this problem. Operating systems running on your computer use more system resources by the time and same is the case with hardware. That is the reason some people buy new system often. But if you don’t want to buy a new system and improve the performance of the old one, here are a few ways which can be helpful to you:

Clean It


Dirt and dust may collect in various parts of computers as they age and this situation becomes worse in case of laptops as dust particles slowly choked them. When this happens, the efficiency of your hardware reduces because of the rising temperature. So it’s better to clean your machines. It’s not a difficult job to clean it and to do so what you need to do is just take out a number of screws and clean it use a small, sharp object.

And to remove the dust accumulated inside, use a compressed air to blow away that. Use cotton Q-tips to swab away dust in the corners. If you do so at regular intervals over the course of your laptop ownership, your laptop will be likely to cause fewer problems.

Install More RAM


Installing more RAM is the default hardware upgrade recommendation if you have an old laptop. It has been observed that operating systems perform slowly not because of limited processing power, but because of insufficient memory. This upgrade is recommended as it’s (usually) easy to install.

Change or Re-Install the Operating System


Operating systems are getting shaky with time and often people fix their issues by uninstalling and then re-installing them. Or the other option is uninstall your existing OS and install another one. Uninstalling faulty OS and deleting bad registry entries may solve your problems.

Changing your OS is far better than reinstalling the same OS change it. If you’re still running your system on Windows, particularly Vista or prior versions, change it with Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10.

OS X may not be so ideal choice, but Linux based OS may be your best bet.  If your laptop is over five years old, lightweight versions of Linux are worth trying.

In most of the PC laptops there is a small panel that covers the RAM with the help of one or two screws. Remove that panel to upgrade RAM. It’s easy because there is no need of disassembling the entire laptop. Moreover, for your help, instructions are given in your laptop’s manual.

Install a Solid State Drive


Hard drive speed is not a new issue often people face it. Most laptops ship with 5400 RPM drives, which have low data transfer rates and a slow spindle speed. It was found in many laptops that due to cheap drives they have lethargic access times. Because of this reason, your laptops may hang and show processing when you open a new file.

But you’ll be surprised to know that it’s the hard drive not the processor’s fault. It’s hard drive which is slowly swinging its mechanical read/write head and the disc into a position from where the correct data can be read. But this is not the case with solid state drives as they don’t have any mechanical parts. Today, most of the SSDs have a good data transfer rate and access times so that large applications can be loaded quickly.

Buy a New Wireless Adapter


Often people overlook this upgrade. Most of the old laptops use the 802.11g standard, and if it is too old, it may use 802.11a/b. In comparison to the new 802.11n standard, these standards are too inferior and if you upgrade them, it’ll improve your web browsing experience.

You can update your wireless adapter by buying an 802.11n USB 2.0 adapter. Although it isn’t top-of-the-line as it is for a 150 Mbps version, but it’s fast enough as most users will need.


These tips may be useful if you have a 3 year old PC. If one trick doesn’t work for you, try another one like installing more RAM, cleaning laptops, reinstall the operating system, etc.

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