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Data protection or privacy is a relationship between data collection and propagation of data. Privacy issues exist whenever the sensitive information is leaked and misused in some or other form. In this Internet age the major concern is who is revealing the information, who is controlling it and who is misusing it so it is possible that third parties can read your documents. You almost give away your very much information on the web without encrypting it. In such case the administrators of the servers you are using, the Internet service provider and also intrusive bodies sniffing the network can read and misuse the contents you have presented them as a treat.

Threats for Website Data privacy

As a web user your identity is no more anonymous. It is a matter of fact that how much the data collectors are interested in handling the issue of users’ privacy. In the current scenario the Internet is a medium to process the data from one point to another so the risk potential is huge. In fact, the search engines are using very robust algorithms which are so advanced that they can collect the information from numerous sources quite easily. Whatever you do on the Internet, everything is tracked. And the emergence of social media along with the concept of jumping the national boundaries for business purposes, raising the bar of complications for the security of the data.

Every user wants their sensitive information to remain secured from the eyes of intruders. There are various questions about the owners of the data, how they preserve users’ privacy, what rights they have, and up to what extent it is right to fetch the information of the web visitors. And it is not only a sensitive, but complicated concern also which has a global approach. Mostly e-commerce and promotional sites observe the behavior of online users to make more profit. They track the user’s activities, use their information and on the bases of their browsing details send their advertisements.

In order to provide better services to the users even search engines track the details of them. They assign a unique ID number to every visitor to keep all the information and on the bases of that, they contain the details of full profile of the user and what one has explored on the server. So while handling the web issues, you should not only be concerned with the execution of latest technologies but also their negative effects. Data privacy on the Internet is a more daunting task because unsecured network creates the chances for potential identity theft.

The Internet users can maintain their privacy through controlled disclosure of their secret data. One way is to encrypt the network and another is to keep your presence in anonymous state. Means don’t let the unauthorized sites, or third parties to access your details so that they can’t link your activities with their specific purposes. In the same course of action, users need to be really watchful while providing their details, filling out forms, doing online shopping, what they are submitting, etc. A good number of measures are brought to attention to give the users a safe environment on the web.

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