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How to Apply System Restore on Windows 10 PCs?


If something goes abrupt with your Windows 10 PC, due to a new application use or a latest driver upgrade, simply trying to roll back or uninstall the driver doesn’t always benefit. That’s where Windows 10 System Restore feature comes in; as it simply lets...

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How secure are these applications for your kids?


Does your kid have access to a Smart phone? Then it’s about the time you know about few apps that are famous with kids and young adults. Most of these applications are designed to keep your children’s online chat as private as possible. Some permit...

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An Update on Malware Hitting Gaming Applications


It is not happening for the first time that malware are hitting mobile gaming applications. in mobile gaming, occurrence of malware attack is not new. With the total number of malicious programs increasing, mobile malware itself continues to be a headache for enterprises and consumers...

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10 Best Email Apps for Android and iPhone


Now days, the Smartphone come packed with their own Email client and they are not suitable for daily use. Inbuilt Email applications vary from different mobile manufacturer and they are not flexible as compared to the third party Email applications for iOS and Android mobile...

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