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If you are sick with the computer optimization software which has been found as malicious utility then you have landed on the right page. Often users get this malware installed on their devices without their concern and irritate them with unwanted pop-ups and ads. It is quite hard to get rid of them once installed and similar to the other virus. Be really watchful what you explore and download as they hide themselves behind the main programs and remain stuck to your PC till the time you don’t remove them completely. They secure their own space in the system memory if you click once on them. This malware belongs to the adware family and aims to grab the user’s attention.


After infiltrating the target they keep on displaying as anonymous ads when a user opens any new window. It keeps an under mark on the keywords user has visited and change them into hyperlinks. An advertisement of the CPU Miner will appear on the visitor’s web page if one rolls the mouse over them. Victim device may face several other issues as well like tracking and recording of their information and data, slow response of the computer, freezes time to time on multiple tasks (as adware consumes the speed of the device), changes in home page and some other kinds of mess. Generally they sneak through third party programs and if you want to be secure from the attack of the virus don’t look down these kinds of computer programs.

How to identify if there is an effect of CPU Miner:

  • Hampered speed while running multiple programs
  • Increased frequency of useless pop-up ads
  • Changed home page settings
  • Unstable or slow Internet connectivity

How to protect from CPU Miner:-

  • Select always custom or advance installation option for new programs
  • Don’t open the emails or their attachment from unknown resources
  • Close or abort the session of suspicious programs as soon as you come to know
  • Don’t install the pirated software from third parties
  • Adopt the protection of real-time antivirus

One the whole CPU Miner is a deceptive nature online marketing method based software which is used for mining Bitcoins. This bundling utility gets download inadvertently while one is connected to the Internet. Their prime motive to divert the online traffic on their own site and generate the revenue in an illegal way from illegal deals.   So stay aware from the unknown threats which may knock in any way and keep the health of your system at stake.

Taylor Olivia is an expert tech writer and work for computer repair service provider company, who writes about technicalities involved with the system’s hardware as well as software.