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Apple’s Mac OS X and Android are the two different operating systems and it will be surprising to see that how Mac can operate an Android device (other than iPhone). It will be interesting to see that how Android performs when it is managed by the Mac OS X. It was never a smooth experience for the Apple’s iPhone users in the smartphone realm. If an Android user want to share some files with the Mac user, a special utility will be required that is not compatible with native Finder.

But fortunately, there are many third-party tools available in the market which may narrow this gap. And it’s interesting to note that there are a few one-size-fits-all solutions for Android and Mac and there are a few which aim at a specific problem and challenge. So, let us look at some best Android tools for Mac.

  1. AirDroid


AirDroid is a very versatile tool and bridging the gap between your Mac and Android device. It may push call alerts, notifications, and app alerts to your desktop. This tool enables full Android mirroring on your Mac and makes it possible to set up interaction between the two devices.

This solution enables seamless file sharing between your devices without establishing any wired connection. AirDroid is a freemium product and still have lots of feature and available in premium version with extended features. Overall, it one of the best overall solutions for all your Android/Mac management needs.

  1. Helium App Sync & Backup


Sometime before, Titanium Backup was the ultimate backup solution for Android, but now you have better options than this. It is a cheap app sync and backup solution for your Android that works with Mac, and that, too, without or at minimal cost. It allows you to backup and sync not just the regular messages, logs calls, and settings, but also installed apps on your computer’s local storage, or on a cloud storage solution, or even between Android devices.

It is available as a freeware as well as in a paid software version and it works primarily on your Android device but also accompany desktop program. To run the app for the first time you need to connect it with a computer using USB cable and need to perform the same activity every time you reboot your device.

This Android app also works independently, and let you to choose how frequently you want to backup your data when and where. It’s premium version doesn’t show ads, have enabled cloud services to backup, and have more features so it’s a worthwhile purchase.

  1. Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro


If you want a more comprehensive Mac desktop manager for Android and ready to pay some extra money, Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro is a very good choice. This is a full-package solution that is offering device backup and restores, content management, selective backup, text message management; file transfer and sync, and a lot more.

Mobile for Android Pro is almost similar for Mac like what iTunes is for iPhone. The backups you create may be partial ones or full device backups and you can easily restore it with one click. It’s really easy to transfer content like photos, videos and music and the support even extends to the native iTunes.

MobileGo is definitely very useful and gives you the option to send and reply to text messaged along with the creating backup of those SMS that you want to save. It is easy to install and uninstall the software.

  1. Pushbullet/PushPal


You may get surprised to see the Pushbullet program in the list. But once you know how useful it’s, you will not question its presence in the list. It is an online service that allows the users to push content from desktop to the phone or vice-versa that too without the help of a dedicated desktop app. The users of platforms, Android and iOS can avail this service and it works out of various popular browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera etc.

Using this service, you can see and respond to Android notifications from your desktop, share files and links, get notifications of different events, chat with your friends and various other tasks. You can customize Pushbullet using services like IFTTT or Tasker that increase its usability and makes an obvious choice.

PushPal is an independent third-party app for Mac desktops for Pushbullet that stays in your Mac’s menu bar. It makes very easy to access Pushbullet content. Officially, Pushbullet has an Windows app so for Android it can be used with PushPal that replicates the same experience on the Mac.

If you want to push some content and files to your phone, just drag them to the menu bar icon and let the app do care of the rest. It is definitely a worthwhile addition if you end up using Pushbullet, PushPal.

  1. Google Photos/Drive Combo


If you are using an Android phone with a Mac, one of my major issues is not being able to synchronize your photo library with your desktop. You may also have a ton of photos in Mac’s native Photos app, and you do not have any reasonable solution to synchronize whole thing with you Android operating device. Google Photos is a very useful app that has own unlimited cloud storage for high-quality images (up to 16-megapixel shots). To enable backup, install the app on your phone.

However, there is a shortcoming with Google Photos, that it does not have a companion desktop app for Mac or Windows. Means all your photos will be safe in the cloud, but they don’t get synced with your computer. So this is where you need Google Drive installed on your Mac computer. It is a multi-step process and may take a little time to get used to of it, but once you will be used to of it, it works like a breeze after that.

So download and install Google Photos Desktop uploader on your Mac and get all your Mac photos into Google Photos. From the Mac Photos app, import your photo library into the uploader, and wait until the uploading does not finish. The time that uploading process takes depend on your Internet connection speed and the size of your photo library.

To download and install the Google Drive app on your Mac, visit the site drive.google.com, and then sign in with your Google Account. Open Drive settings to enable the option “Creating a Google Photos folder”. Now all your Google Photos will get synchronized with a dedicated folder within the Google Drive folder. This is a two-way synchronization and all the changes will reflect in the Google Drive folder as well as Google Photos.

  1. doubleTwist Sync for Mac


Being a Mac user and keeping an Android smartphones, one of the major challenges that you face is not being able to sync the music stored in iTunes with your Android device. doubleTwist exactly solve this problem.

It is a freeware comes with its own interface and once it is connected to the Mac via USB cable, it automatically picks your iTunes music library and your Android device. doubleTwist Sync for Mac also supports two-way synchronization and also ensures that if you make any changes to your library on your device, they should be reflected in your iTunes library, from metadata changes to new playlists to track additions/removals.

The free version of doubleTwist Sync for Mac relies on the USB cable connection, but if you want to enable AirSync, you can make an in-app purchase. If AirSync feature is enabled, you do not need a hardware connection for the communication between two devices operating on two different platforms.

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