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As the releasing date of the iPhone 7 is approaching closer, rumors started piling up from around the world. As the time wears on, these rumors are getting more stable and make people believe that Apple iPhone 7 may have all these features. So here some details have been posted that you may find alongside the next iPhone.


So let’s see what it may have:

You may see that it has a larger camera around back if you compare it with the iPhone 6 and ’S’ variants. In this version, you will find that the camera position is little closer to the left top edge of the phone. The horizontal antenna lines that are peel around the backside of the device have been removed and now you will see cutouts, which will be rolled alongside the curvature of the device instead of those gaudy lines.

It has a few changes dimensions wise and its touch screen is 7.15mm. It is a bit more narrow, a change in thickness, and a touch shorter. Means it’s marginally narrower than its than its predecessor, but housing has got thicker. Another change is the changed position of a headphone and the size of jack. Apple farewell would like to support the standard 3.5mm headphone jack that is available on the bottom side of the device.

You may use your ‘old’ headphones as it would make use of the Lightning port, but with the Lightning connector, you may need to use the new earpods or purchase an adapter. To occupy the site of the headphone jack, there is another speaker at the bottom. However, it is not sure that Apple will make all these changes because of several reasons why think Apple’s just not going to make this change.

One expected change is the introduction of a new processor. The new Apple iPhone 7 will be driven by the Apple A10-soc. Another change may be that the iPhone 7 may have a new camera module located in front of the hand. It may possible that this new announcement may be available with image stabilization. Earlier this feature was available on the Plus versions. And it is also expected that Apple may apply the efforts to improve the camera’s performance in low-light situations.

No major changes are expected with battery capacity of the device because Apple never makes their devices to drain the battery. However, it is a rumor that the battery of iPhone 7 will be even thinner. But as Apple will be using a more efficient processor, the battery life of the device will be improved. The release of the iPhone 7 is still far away and it is expected that Apple may introduce iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September 2016.

It is expected that the model with 16GB storage capacity will be cheapest and others model will be available with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB version, and possibly even a version with 256GB. Available colors are gray, silver, gold and rose gold. So just wait till the official release of iPhone 7 to see how accurate all the rumors are.