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Most iPhone and iPad users know many smart tricks to use their devices in a better way like most of you may be aware of the fact that if you will put your iPhone and iPad in Airplane Mode and plug them into a wall outlet will recharge about 25 percent faster than usual. But there are many users who don’t know the simple way to snap a picture from the lock screen even if it is very easy. Users just need to swipe up on the camera icon in the lower right-hand corner, and it’s ready to take the shot.

These gadgets have many useful tricks that most of the users do not know. If they know how to use them, you can personalize your device and have better experience. So below some clever settings are given to make it more enjoyable to use your iPhone or iPad.


Make Text Bolder and Bigger


Although iPhones have large screen size and iPads have larger displays, but still sometimes users struggle to read the tiny print on websites and menus. But luckily all of you can make the device display easier to read.

If you want to make your text bigger, and bolder, follow the instruction:

  • Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility.

Tap on the Bold Text button to bold the Text.

To make the text bigger: Tap the option Larger Text >> Larger Accessibility Sizes and adjust the slider according to you fix the font.

Keyboard Alternatives


If you’d prefer to use a standard keyboard rather than type directly onto your touch screen, Apple lets you use keyboards made by other companies or by third-party providers, as long as you’re using iOS 9.3.2. Go to Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> Keyboards >> Add a New Keyboard.

Add Button Shapes


Button Shapes is another handy feature. To enable them, open the Settings >> General >> Accessibility, and turn on the feature Button Shapes. This setting will attach outlines and shapes to an app’s buttons to give you a better idea of exactly where to press.

Enable Captioning


For the users who face hearing problem, Closed captioning is extremely useful. Other users may also enjoy a show or movie while all others are trying to sleep.

On most Apple devices using iOS 9.3.2, Captioning, or Subtitles feature is available. To set up it, Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility, and turn on Subtitles & Captioning. In addition, you can also customize the caption’s font, size, color, and type.

Zoom in for Bigger Text


If you want to make text bigger, there is another trick. Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility, and turn on Zoom.

To zoom in and out of applications like Mail, Safari and your Home and Lock screen, use three fingers to double tap on the screen. You can try it with other apps, too.

Just pinch in and out with two fingers, to zoom in while watching videos, as you do with photos.

Have Your Gadget Read to You


VoiceOver is a tool that reads out loud words on your Apple device. It read each letter as you type while writing a text message or email. It will tell you the button you have touched, how much battery is left on your devices, the name of the calling person, etc.

It can also read out the directions to you in maps, tell the number of people who are in your shot and will explain photo descriptions. If you have have VoiceOver, it can translate your messages into text for email and other apps if you write notes and letters on the screen.

To turn it on, go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility, and turn on VoiceOver. You have the option to practice with VoiceOver, including setting a speaking rate. Once enabled, to use VoiceOver from your iOS device, press the Home button three times.

Get Better Alerts


Do you miss calls or texts because you have hard to hear problems? There are ways to fix this and get your attention in case of any call or text message.

To help yourself in such situations, you can use your iPhone’s LED light as an indication to alert you. To set up LED flashing lights, open Settings >> General >> Accessibility, and turn on LED Flash for Alerts.

Alternatively, for incoming calls and messages, you can set custom vibrations. It is actually a quite clever way if you keep your phone in your pocket. To apply this, go to Settings >> Sounds >> Ringtone >> Vibration. Otherwise, you can also select a contact from your contact list, tap Edit option and pick the Vibration option for any or each of your contacts. This is a good way to get alerts on calls or messages even if your phone is mute. Moreover, by the contact’s vibration pattern, you can know who is calling you.

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