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What if you collect the confidential details of your customer to keep his/her record and send this information to a wrong recipient in an external mailing blast list.  You may lend in big trouble if you accidentally share your (or somebody else’s) confidential document which may include confidential information including your name, birth date, Social Security numbers, email addresses, employee ID, your office locations, details of your health status, etc. with the wrong person.

If any such incident happens, you may lose your job, money, and critical information. Moreover, it will take additional time to clean up the mess and recover the damage. Many such types of incidents have been witnessed in past few years so it demands more efforts to improve security practices surrounding confidential documents in within organizational environment. In an organizational environment, these are usual incidents that happen anytime even if you stay very careful while sending and acing anything to anyone. A survey states that six out of every ten respondents had sent out a document they shouldn’t have send or they have sent them to wrong recipient.

McAfee Tech Support

McAfee Tech Support

Accidents may happen and there may be several reasons of their occurrence. It may be possible that an individual or employee is distracted or busy with too many things and by mistake hits the send button without verifying who is in the list of recipients. In this situation, emotions don’t matters, but action does. Your workload and intention don’t make the repercussions any less damaging.

Not sometimes, but most of the times when such incidents happen, individuals and organizations lose their clients and customers. Reports show that there is no doubt that document security risks are growing in every organization. These risks are further increasing because of increased connectivity of mobile devices and their proliferation. Sharing confidential documents with wrong recipient is one of the most important concerns because individuals and organizations have to create confidential documents at least weekly or monthly basis.

For the security of their confidential documents, organizations and individuals need to have effective security solutions. If you have been fall for any such situation, there is a need to understand policies for document security and apply them.  When it comes to protection of the high-value information, there are many companies which are not doing enough. Research and study have found that a vast range of information is vulnerable to theft and inadvertent leaks. If this happens, businesses have to bear a huge lose in terms of money as well as their customer’s/client’s trust.

Organizations need to make extra efforts to practice confidential information security. They need to train/educate their employees on available tools and set explicit document security policies so that they can handle the security of confidential information. By far the biggest area of perceived risk is accidently sending a confidential document to the wrong recipient.

Accidentally sending a confidential document to the wrong party was By far the biggest area of perceived risk in the study, identified by 61 percent of respondents. Intentional leaks by employees, cyber breaches of critical documents, and sensitive informational documents shared without consent are other top concerns.

Within an enterprise, confidential documents are created in a wide range of departments, which results in various types of high-value information risk. They have top concern including financial data, business contracts and agreements, employee records, trade secrets and intellectual property, legal documents, and business, marketing and sales plans.

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