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ESET NOD32 is best defence against malware, viruses, and other infections. It is built on anti-malware technology and compatible with Windows 10 also. It has been providing you protection for more than two decades. If you have installed its protection, your device will not face antivirus slowdowns anymore. It includes a broad range of configuration options and performs fast and precise scanning.  It allows you to tweak your security with 150+ detailed settings and enjoy optimized protection out of the box.

ESET Antivirus

The ESET NOD32 Antivirus includes tools and features like Antivirus, Antispyware, Anti-phishing, Exploit blocker, device control, Advance Memory, and reinforces its cutting-edge protection with Script-based attack protection. It allows you enjoy a safer internet and you can watch your favourite shows and play online games without any interruption.  ESET protection technology has been providing you protection over more than 20 years and always there to help you if there is the matter of the security and safety of your devices and network.

With ESET NOD32 Antivirus, explore with confidence as you will be stay safe from viruses and spyware. It will automatically protect you on online payment gateways and help you in securing transactions on internet so that you can shop online more safely. It also sports personal Firewall that stops hackers from gaining the access of your computer and also keeps your identity hidden from hackers while using public Wi-Fi. With Parental Control, it blocks unwanted internet content by categories or individual websites and keeps your kids safe online.

It checks your home router for vulnerabilities and sends you alert notifications if anyone tries to access your webcam. It encrypt your files and removable media (USB keys), safely store, generate and pre-fill your passwords, and encrypt your data. It also includes protection for smartphones and tablets. It provides mix and match security protection for up to 3 or 5 devices. It is specially designed to evade antivirus detection. It is able of detecting multiple related malware variants, including previously unknown or new ones.

If you want to provide the ESET antivirus protection to your device, install it. And if you are facing any issue while installing it on your device, you can ask TechNetOnlines experts to get support for ESET Antivirus.