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Device manufacturers, cyber security companies, and security applications developers see ransomware in particular and malware in general as threats that predominantly target Windows-based computer. Windows systems acquire the largest market share and hackers used to target these platform users till now, but now they are also focusing on Mac computers. There are many computer manufacturers who ship Windows computer and there are more Windows than Mac computers. Though being available for so many users make Windows more appealing targets of cyber attacks, but it does not mean that Mac operating computers are immune to malware and virus attacks.

The recent rise in Mac market share and the growing synergy between macOS and iOS has been attracting new wave of attacks cantered on Mac computers. Let’s take a dig how ransomware are working as an active frontier for the energies of cybercriminals in today’s digital environment.


Bad Transmission

Though Mac users now can install the apps only from Apple store, but it doesn’t save them from the risk of malware attacks as this also demonstrates Transmission demonstrates.

Transmission is an open source torrenting client for Mac which also may reveal Mac’s vulnerability to ransomware. Somehow, its website – from which you might download the app was compromised in early 2016 for a brief period of time that allowed infections to be packaged with Transmission. Once you have downloaded the infections unknowingly, before opening a Tor connection to the internet, it would lie dormant for three days and then locking essential system files and demanding to pay a ransom of 1 bitcoin (about $400).

It is not easy to replicate or widespread exploitation across the macOS ecosystem because of the circumstances surrounding the Transmission incident. This incident is not as simple as blasting out a bunch of phishing emails, but instead it requires end users involvement to download the app. User need to download the application at a specific time and run the program to activate virus via Transmission’s features.

Cyber security lessons to stay protected from the Transmission breach

Though the Transmission virus had a limited impact, but this event teachs some important lessons for Mac as well as mobile users:

  1. Don’t think your platform is completely safe

For Mac users, a compromised torrent client may not give the security wake-up call. In past also, it has been witnessed that the fake AV scams were the risk to macOS.

  1. Threats easily can go cross-platform

For making it easier to transfer threats from PC to Mac, cyber criminals are now sharing the source code for their malware. Mac variants are still relatively simple in comparison to PC malware, but with the right mix of design and delivery, Mac variants can inflict harm, as the Transmission flaw revealed.

  1. Ransomware and executable files are problematic

There are numerous ways to infect a Mac computer with malware. Ransomware and any executable files are worth keeping an eye on as ransomware issues with Transmission demonstrate that it is possible to get a Mac’s file “hostage” and demand a ransom for Mac’s file safe return.

Don’t leave your Mac’s security to chance as like any other operating system, Mac has its fair share of vulnerabilities to cyber crime. Invest in the right security software to make your Mac safe. Ask the security experts at TechNetOnlines to get Antivirus for Mac