Let Quality Experts Repair Your PC


Electronic segment is at its best phase and every day, you hear about the launch of new technologies and electronic devices. The device that you buy today becomes an old device in comparison to the device that was launched just one month after as the...

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How to Recover Your Data if You Reinstall Windows


There may be several reasons of reinstalling your Windows like you want to upgrade your version of Windows, or your machine went wonky, etc. Some of the people decide to reinstall their OS to get rid of usual or unusual glitches of the machine. Many...

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Keep all Your passwords Safe with Avira Password Manager


Emails, online banking, social media accounts, shopping sites, and many other places where internet users need to login with their ID and Password. To stay safe, users use different IDs and password to login into one particular account and with these credentials, you can’t access...

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What is Included In Apple iOS 10.2 Update?


Apple has released iOS 10.2 on 13 December 2016, to the general public after going through seven beta tests.  This update is released with several major features and many bug fixes. Connect your device to iTunes or download iOS 10.2 by going to Settings >...

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How Does a Botnet Attack Work?


Botnets are responsible for most of the cyber attacks encountering today. It responsible for executing cyber attacks including keylogging attempts, click fraud, DDoS and spam attacks. This article includes the information how a botnet attack works and gets a foothold into each botnet slave and...

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How Safe Personal Assistants to Keep Your Data?


Convenience comes first when it comes to communication and IT technology. Users always wish to get loads of features available to them at the touch of their device screen or with a quick vocal command. With the inception and integration of new technologies, digital personal...

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How Malware gets in and Works


Malware is an unwanted potentially danger programs written specifically to disable or damage a computing machine. Malware is malicious software that seeks the access of the user’s computer without their consent. Owners may not know when and how they get a malware infection in their...

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