An Update on Malware Hitting Gaming Applications


It is not happening for the first time that malware are hitting mobile gaming applications. in mobile gaming, occurrence of malware attack is not new. With the total number of malicious programs increasing, mobile malware itself continues to be a headache for enterprises and consumers...

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Trend Micro Support- Get the Reliable Protection for Your PC


Only a potential security software product can sustain in today’s challenging digital environment. Trend Micro has been accepted with open arms by the security software users and has been certified as one of the best company to provide security applications. When it comes to choosing...

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How to Change Your Username or Password?

Change Your Username or Password

Below the steps are given on how to change your username or password in major operating systems, online services, and other locations. Important Note: You need to know the password of the account before changing it into anything else if you are the administrator or...

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Misconception about Antimalware Applications

57482874 - manager is pushing endpoint security on a virtual touch screen interface.

There are many common myths about antimalware applications among the people who use them or who don’t use them. Often people get confused and consider misconceptions as fact that confuse them more about the program. Sometime, people think that the antivirus and antimalware application may...

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