Threats for Website Data Privacy

Threats for Website Data privacy

Data protection or privacy is a relationship between data collection and propagation of data. Privacy issues exist whenever the sensitive information is leaked and misused in some or other form. In this Internet age the major concern is who is revealing the information, who is...

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10 Most Useful Must Have Safari Extensions


Browser extensions are the add-ons which can make them more productive than what they actually do. Safari rules the kingdom of Mac browsers because of its performance, functionalities, and flexibilities. And like the Firefox, Safari also has plug-ins to extend its capabilities. Below, the ten...

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How to Keep the Printer’s Performance Stable?


For stable performance and prolonged life, printers require proper maintenance, just like any other hardware device. Printing errors, paper jams, and other basic printer problems can be taken care of by following a few useful tips as outlined below: Unplugging: Unplug the printer if not...

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Provide Protection to Your PC with AVG Antivirus


System security has been a point of concern since the time has taken the part not only in our personal as well as professional life. There usage is increasing regularly at a rapid speed regardless of the fact the individual is working in any sector...

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Get Support for All the Problems in Windows XP


Are you a Windows XP user and facing the complexities while running this operating system? All your problems can be resolved here at TechNetOnlines. Here the team of certified professionals is well versed in their job and help the users like you without making a...

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Steps for Removing CPU Miner


If you are sick with the computer optimization software which has been found as malicious utility then you have landed on the right page. Often users get this malware installed on their devices without their concern and irritate them with unwanted pop-ups and ads. It...

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