One Huge Security Risk Ignored by Businesses


The Internet is the most risky place and if you are a business organization with impressive net worth and brand value then this risk multiplies in multifold.  The vaster you are the greatest threat to your organization’s security. Often people ignore the security protocols and...

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Tips to Use Mobile Data Smartly on Android


Every time you may not have the access of Wi-Fi network and to use mobile data is a bit expensive. So if you’re using your mobile data to stay online, you have to pay enough amount for that. But if you use your mobile data...

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5 Optimum Call Blocking Apps for Android


You might have faced a situation when somebody is calling you continuously and you don’t want to answer the call. It can be very frustrating, if you’re in middle of something and unwanted calls are disturbing you, you have the option to block a number...

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A Few Audio Editing Software Applications


Are you a music lover and love to experiment with rhythms and sounds of instruments? If creating a fusion is your passion and music is your first love, this review can be very helpful for you. There are various audio editing applications are discussed here,...

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A Few Basic Tips to Speed up Internet

Tips to Speed up Internet

The Internet is a place for all and gives equal opportunities to every user. But what if you’re having a slow Internet speed? It’s a nerve sucking experience for those who are the most frequent user of the Internet. To regain the speed of your...

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Steps to Encrypt and Hide Data in Windows 7

Steps to Mask Data Windows 7

Many times, it may be that you want to hide your personal data from others. To hide your data, first course of action is just set the file attribute as hidden. But your folders can be visible if the other user enables the option Show...

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How to Set Up a Wifi Hotspot on Your Mac?

How to Set up a WiFi Hotspot on Your Mac

Today Wifi hotspots have become quite ubiquitous; from office to home, restaurant to the airport! If you’re a Mac user and use it to connect to other devices to access the Internet, you can turn it into a Wifi hotspot. There may be situations when...

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10 Best Email Apps for Android and iPhone


Now days, the Smartphone come packed with their own Email client and they are not suitable for daily use. Inbuilt Email applications vary from different mobile manufacturer and they are not flexible as compared to the third party Email applications for iOS and Android mobile...

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7 Best Alternatives of Bluestack

7 Best Replacements of Bluestack

Bluestack app player is Android’s one of the best emulator to run Android applications on Windows and Mac OS. It contains great feature and available as a free app, but to download its latest version, you need a system with high configuration at least 2...

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