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The Internet is the most risky place and if you are a business organization with impressive net worth and brand value then this risk multiplies in multifold.  The vaster you are the greatest threat to your organization’s security. Often people ignore the security protocols and become the victim of scams. There are lots of unsolicited agents who are there to ruin your business image and creating their own value and earning money using foul means and ways.


There are a number of threats which may harm your business, but here only one is discussed. You may have not realized the importance of the humble flash drive (many businesses don’t even consider this as a problem) because they’re so busy focusing on online risks only. They consider it as worthless issue. But these drives are incredibly useful for carting around large files, folders, documents, photo libraries, etc. In fact, people (either your opponents or employees also) may use them as a “sneaker net”.

Although flash drives are very useful and have various positive uses, but they may present risk as well. The kind of risk they can create should not be taken lightly and companies should pay attention to these concerns. Hence this document is dedicated how to disable USB drives on any computing machine. There is one more advise for you before disabling USB drive that always keep back-up of your data otherwise it can be as dangerous as giving the access of your machine to the hackers.

Flash drives are actually a great way (they are the easiest target for the intruders) for the hackers to disseminate viruses. It may be possible that annoyingly you plug one into many computers or may get one from many computers. They are also good tools for spies if they want to sneak into the network and server of any company. Being an aware employer, don’t let your employees bring a flash derive from home.

Today’s hackers are so smart that they drop their drives in the parking lot and unknown people use it on their system. There are chances that a corporate spy goes to a trade show and hands out “promotional” flash drives with a fake company name printed on them which may carry viruses. Flash drives aren’t just storing useful data and information, they can also get information out.

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