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Various people write various things about Norton, for example, Norton is the best product, it provides excellent antivirus protection, it does not allow hackers to steal the necessary information and much more. Actually, Norton blogs are filled with either the Norton Support or Norton Customer Service, or they contains the entire information of the product. Focus on the brand information is what the blog all about these days. What all benefits a brand has? A customer must be aware about, but how many of them knows about its advantages in terse. Alongside, a question arises here that either the brand only has advantages and no disadvantages or limitations. This actually is not possible, like said every coin has 2 sides, one is favorable and another one is unfavorable. The truth here is favorable conditions are always explained but unfavorable conditions, no one even bother to talk about them.

Support for Norton AntiVirus

Support for Norton AntiVirus

Being the leading Antivirus software program, Norton assures to protect the computer against threats like malware, Trojan, spyware, adware and others. These threats damage the computer performance and allow the hacker to steal the necessary information. If compared with the earlier versions, the latest version of Norton is more secure. The latest version provides ultimate security solution by protecting against the creeping threats over the internet. It’s a silent killer who munch out the nefarious infection that consume your software.

Antivirus software suite provide great protection to the computer from malicious threats with its firewall protection. It creates a shield around the software and browsing websites that does not allow the hacker or virus to enter into the system. But does it all about the Norton?  Does the antivirus product not have anything else to tell or explain? Of course not! It has various other things too, as discussed above the advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a terse view on them:

Antivirus Advantages:

Experience: For Windows and Macintosh, Norton is the primary version that has evolved with the entire operating system versions to deal with codes, software and procedures, circulating with the bad intentions over the internet.

Sensible and fast: Quick and responsive Norton virus definitions are cloud based. One of the most excellent features of the antivirus product is malicious URL blocking that scored high in anti-phishing test.

Cross platform protection: The antivirus product provides security to computers running on different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android and others. It has the ability to simultaneously prevent 10 devices from the worst Internet predators. Clients make the best use out of the software is ensured by Norton Customer Service.

Security features: The antivirus product is well known for its security features includes spam filtering, Performance optimization, smart firewall and Performance optimization. They ensure safety from nefarious infections.

Online backup: It offers 25GB online backup to let you quickly recover the files in case of system damage, hard drive crash and other data loss mishaps.

Parental Control: Its remarkable parental control feature allow your kid to enjoy the internet and simultaneously protect them from accessing the malicious and unsuitable context.

Antivirus Disadvantages:

Demanding on Resources (Size): Norton provide full protection to the computer thereby if compared to the competitive antiviruses it is a heavy application that is compelled to consume more system resources, if using from years. It has been noticed that without the Norton Antivirus protection systems run faster.

Un-installation Problems: The uninstallation process of computer is not easy at all. It leaves the traces on the hard drive that can even result to its crash or data loss.

Advantages and disadvantages cannot change the need of any product. Norton is costly and might have some disadvantages as well, but which product do not have. The non-denial thing is that Norton provides tremendous security to computers against virus. Still, if the user is facing technical issues he can take online Norton Support.

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