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Emails, online banking, social media accounts, shopping sites, and many other places where internet users need to login with their ID and Password. To stay safe, users use different IDs and password to login into one particular account and with these credentials, you can’t access your account. There are may people who forget their account ID and password as it is really difficult to remember multiple IDs and passwords. So to avoid the need of remembering many passwords, a lot of people use one password for multiple accounts. Moreover, they don’t change their password frequently.


However, most of the people know that they are inviting risks by using the same password for multiple accounts and not changing their password frequently. As per reports, more than 41% of the users haven’t changed their passwords and PIN codes. All the users who use a common password or PIN code for multiple accounts are open to risk as hackers can easily hack their credentials and once they successfully hacks you password, they can access all of your accounts that use the same password.

Using an easy-to-guess and common password for multiple accounts make easy for cybercriminals to take over all accounts and perform annoying activities. If you also use one password for multiple accounts just because it is difficult for you to remember multiple unique passwords, you can use Password Manager to do this job for you. Password Managers help you in generating as well as managing passwords with ease across your all accounts and devices. To save and secure your accounts, you can use Avira Password Manager that not only allows you to save your passwords, but also allows you to encrypt them in order to protect them from the cyber criminals and hackers.

The Avira Password Manager helps you in securing your credentials so that you don’t need to remember.  If you have saved your password into Avira Password Manager, you can log into your account even if you forget the password. This password managing application allows you to securing your password across all the devices irrespective of the fact that it is a smartphone or PC. This password managing solution helps you in solving the password hassles. This application come into play as there were and still are a lot of people who don’t find it convenient creating unique passwords for different accounts and memorising them.

Avira Password Manager helps you in creating unique and secure passwords for each account which are hard-to-crack.

How the Avira Password Manager manage your password hassle:

  • It saves passwords when you logs into websites
  • If you are visiting previously visited site, it automatically logs you onto the same website using the saved password.
  • It may generate unique strong passwords while you are registering to websites
  • It can protect passwords for unlimited number of accounts and keep all those password encrypted behind one master password.
  • Each single password that it saves is known only to the user and encrypted with the AES 256-bit standard.
  • It allows importing existing passwords in CSV format from other applications (e.g. browser) and other password managers.
  • It automatically fetches the password when you register for any new website or change your existing password and backup them.
  • It automatically synchronizes all the registered and changed passwords across multiple devices.
  • You can access as well as manage all passwords from an online dashboard.

So just forget about forgetting passwords and let the Avira Password Manager create and remember your complex passwords.