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The Trend Micro Vulnerability Scanner (TMVS) works in the same method like the Remote Install. It indentifies installed anti-virus programs, finds unprotected computers on the network, and installs the CSA or SA on these systems. TMVS pings the ports used by the anti-virus software to find out if the computers need protection.

You can use TMVS to install TrendMicro CSA or SA on computers using an account with administrator rights. But you can’t install CSA or SA using TMVS except in the following situations:

  • If the computer is running Terminal Server.
  • If the Security Server is installed on the target computer.

Follow the steps to install the agent using Vulnerability Scanner:

  • Go to C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Security Server\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\TMVS on the security server and double-click the TMVS.exe file.
  • Click Settings to open the Settings page on the TVMS console.


  • Provide and verify the Security Server name and port number under the Security Server section.

The default port number is “8059”.

  • Choose the Auto-Install Client/Server Security Agent for unprotected computers and mark the check in the checkbox if you want to automatically install the CSA.
  • Click Install Account.


  • Write the details like a username and password with administrator rights to the server or domain and then hit OK.


  • Clicking OK will take you back to the main TMVS page.
  • Input the IP address range that you want to check and install the Security Agent.
  • Click on the Start option to examine the computers on your network and outset the process of  TrendMicro Client/Server Security Agent installation.

     Note: You can install the CSA or SA by selecting one or multiple computers from the Result tab if auto-install is unticked. Right-click the computer and choose the option Install CSA.

  • Restart the computer to accomplish the installation of drivers.