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Doing online shopping is no more a difficult task or you can say it is not like a rocket science. Nearly everyone who spends their time or surf on the Internet, do shopping online. But as suitable as online stores are, they can be a scary place too. You never know if the website where you are mentioning your credit card detail is a real or fake. In this blog, we have pen down some tips to help you tell real e-commerce Websites from the bogus ones.

Date of launch

Checking with the Website’s date of launch is also a great way to scrutinize it. If a website is only a few weeks or a month old, then staying away from it would be wiser. Websites that have been on the Internet from long are generally reliable. You can explore who is section of NIC’s database. Here you can gather data such as a Web site’s updated date, design date, and expiration date.


You might find it stupid, but if you do a little bit of research, you will see that bogus online shops do not put much endeavor into their Web content. If you see that the content mentioning the item you plan to buy or of the overall Website is grammatically weak, then you may wish to pause and do a little more home work on the Web site.

The Log out Section

Alright, let’s say that you found the content of the e-commerce website clean, professional and the Website is pretty old too. But you should not verify its reliability based on only these two factors. There’s one more crucial thing that you have to execute. When you finally make up your mind to purchase something and land on the checkout segment, take a look at the Web site’s URL. Is the URL start with https? If no, then consider yourself in ‘I-will-get-in-trouble-condition’. Click the Back button, or even better, close the Website. A safe website’s URL should always start with https and it should also have the “pad lock” icon.


Payment Service

The primary objective of cyber hacker is to steal your money. So, it is only logical that you also play Sherlock Holmes to check out about the payment service your online Shoppe uses to accept money. If your findings reveal popular services like PayPal or other trusted websites, then odds are, the site is genuine. If the payment service is unidentifiable, then you have to enhance your investigation before giving away your credit card or bank account details.

Ease of Access

Trusted and genuine e-commerce Websites or any Website for that matter put in a lot of hard work to make sure that users get what they are searching for. So, if your online shopping website has limited functionality, looks crappy, messed up navigation, and unprofessional, and shoots out problems every now and then, and that should raise an alarm.

Prices and Offers

Love may come without a price tag, but good things are expensive. And even if they are not, at least they are not dirt cheap. If the online shop you are on declares to throw in a discount or a brand new Phone for like $20, and then hold your nerves. No firm as big as Sony or Apple, in their right mind, would start doing such social service. So, if you think a device like Sony phone price is too good to be true, then go with your gut feeling and verify the same from other websites.

Check the Contact Us Section

You can still research to check if an online store is genuine or not. Give a call at the toll free number offered in the contact details or drop an email message at the email address, if any. If you get an automated voice messaging system or your email is not replied to or a long time, then that should raise your eyebrows about the authenticity of the Website. Just Google it, before call any number. You may have listened about scams that lure targets into calling premium-rate numbers.

Check the Company’s Name on Google

Google the name of the company that own the online store. It is most probable that the company’s URL would come up in the first position, and even in Wikipedia. You might also come some reviews about the Websites, depending on how renowned it is. Fake or sketchy e-commerce Websites, usually do not get such reviews.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions may be the last piece of data that anyone would like to read on any Website. But reading through the part that talks about returns, payment, refund, exchange, etc., does make sense. Shady Websites are not real about return or refund policies; and why should they be, they require your money don’t they?

Cyber hackers are always on the look out to scam unaware and unsuspecting shoppers, and steal their information. It is important that you know if the online store you are shopping from is real or just another scam trap. So, before you go all luring over a heavily discounted wrist watch or phone on an online store, just do a quick investigation using the above tips. And just to be sure those fraudulent Websites do not fool you; Avira Web protection is at your end.

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