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For stable performance and prolonged life, printers require proper maintenance, just like any other hardware device. Printing errors, paper jams, and other basic printer problems can be taken care of by following a few useful tips as outlined below:


  • Unplugging: Unplug the printer if not in use since continuous power supply keeps the device unnecessarily busy. Unplugging can prevent printer crashes as also becoming unresponsive when in need.
  • Clean from inside and outside regularly: To keep your printer in pink health, it must be cleaned not only from inside but outside as well. It is necessary to clean the nozzles of cartridges, rollers and gears so that paper can move easily for proper printing. You may clean with soft linen dipped in water or any alcohol. Don’t use the air duster or compressor for cleaning because it’ll blow the dirt back on the printer.
  • Take care of mechanical errors: Sometimes even a paper jam may lead to a serious problem. In such cases yank out the paper and follow the instructions as per your specific model. This problem can be avoided by checking in advance if the tray is overfilled or the paper is torn.

A little investment of time and money on maintenance can expand the life span of your printer to a great extent. It’s important to realize that proper cleaning of the printer will help in its good and stable performance.