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Having less technical knowledge family people, particularly teenagers and younger children, interested in PC security is a thankless task. It is vital to teach them the implications of security threats along with the significance of preventive measures.

Children and youngster are more susceptible to security threats like phishing websites, viruses, and other worms. In addition, they are also exposed to social media threats and scams that use social engineering to lure victims to click on fake links or offer personal data. Cyber bullying is another danger of social media, as are online predators and other hackers.


We must take for granted that younger people in a household require greater knowledge and help with safety matters since it is in their nature to be slightly careless and curious. Every parent has their own way to handle such problems but one requires making sure that such threats are being handled in the correct manner.

Use a degree of entertainment in the learning process

When one engages an element of fun for teenagers, the response obtained is better and faster. There are several tools and interactive software that can be used for this. Children like playing games so if one interlace the learning in a ramification method, the rewards obtained are positive.

Effectively communicate the threats involved

It is vital to talk to young peoples and to clearly tell the risks of safety hazards. Children require knowing why something is incorrect. If this teaching is explained with real world instances it will be understood and processed better. This comprises a fair amount of study and research by a parent, so this is something one should be ready for.

Do not force unreasonable rules

As children get into their teenage years, extreme rules and boundaries worsen things. If a parent sets awkward computer usage rules that are not flexible, the kid will simply access the Internet from someplace else. One requires encouraging healthy communication. This comprises acceptance that there is offensive content over the web and being set for the day a child is exposed to such stuff.

Make use of appropriate software

TrendMicro offers a Parental Control facility that must be used correctly for this very purpose. It permits the use of content filters for usage controls for enforced time limits, age appropriate content, usage management tools that set in learning with usage and various features for monitoring too.

Here are some more important points regarding cyber security to talk with children:

  • How much time is spent online?
  • Where the Internet is majorly accessed from?
  • Are social media guidelines being chased?
  • What are the conditions for web access from smart phones?
  • Is there consciousness about security precautions for online financial transactions?
  • What is the web mainly used for?
  • Is there consciousness about pornographic and violent content?

TrendMicro helps you keep yourself and your family member updated about the latest Internet threats. Internet security cannot be obtained instantly; it is a continuous and delicate method. Importantly, children should not be dejected from sharing their online experiences.

TrendMicro is a trustworthy product that holds all the above features discussed. The innovative features it comprises of can be implemented to remove any type of threat. But sometimes having the best antivirus software, too, can’t secure a computer. In such annoying situations, it’s better to hire a TrendMicro Support, so that your kids remains well protected every time, everywhere.