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Today, human race is experiencing lots of luxuries of life because of the discovered technologies and innovations. However, there is no doubt that technology has made human life easier, but you cannot ignore the fact that it has come up with devices which are trickier to use and function in their intended manner. Innovations and technologies have simplified human life in certain ways and printing technology is such an innovation that is bringing easier experience for its users. Recent breakthrough in innovation is about to change your experience with the printing devices once and for all. After performing a lot of experiments and having on hand experience, HP has designed and manufactures a new line of wireless printer which are smart, innovative, and self-sufficient.


Wireless printers are the smart devices, which are capable of executing the task without attaching any physical cable to establish communication with the device from which you are giving print command. Wireless printers receive and execute print command within a specific range. Means, it can perform print command even if the two devices (one is to give command for print and another is to print) are located at different location. In case of wireless printers, you don’t need to print any document manually, you can give command simple from your living room or from any location of your house. Along with so many flexibilities, there are few issues associated with wireless printing that you need to take care of and if you don’t take care of them properly at once, the printing process can become a hazard if.

Issues that you may come across in the way of printing

In most cases, the printer goes offline so wireless printing might not retain its functionality in certain issues. There may be several reasons, if your printer is showing the offline status. One of the general case is the antivirus software installed on your device doesn’t recognize the device and deny it to establish the wireless connection. The similar case may be with firewalls. In addition to that, if the printing application is not compatible with operating system, the system software might delete it. Usually it happens if ignore the available update and avoid updating driver regularly. A few usual issues also arise when it is not possible to filter the internet protocol address properly. This means that the printer, computer, and router may not be properly interconnected. In some cases, an unsettled Mac address (Media Access Control Address) might be the cause that your printer is showing offline status.

Apart from above explained issues, there may be other issues arise due to different reasons and factors. If you are not able to detect what is the issue that is interrupting your printer from performing its print command or your printer is not executing and performing its intended functions, better to refer to experts for getting the support for HP printer. TechNetOnlines has the tech experts who can explain you in details about existing as well as more issues.

How to fix printer issues on a Mac computer?

  • Open the system preferences to go the printers and scanners section.
  • You will find the icon there in the drop down list, which says, reset printing system.
  • In the list, click on the reset printing system option and make sure that it resets.
  • Launch the control panel and go to the network in the network configuration panel to configure the printer.
  • Launch the printer and scanner panel, and then click on the plus sign to add the printer.
  • Now reboot the printer and the router.

How to fix the wireless printing issues on Windows computers?

  • Disconnect your router, printer and turn your computer off.
  • Now restart all three devices router, printer and the computer.
  • Launch HP print and scan doctor, and click on the Next option on your computer screen.
  • If any issue found while the printing test then click on the option fix printing.
  • Change the network’s identification.
  • Now launch the router’s website.
  • After launching the router’s website, change the network’s name and then try to reconnect the printer to the router.
  • Make sure that the printer should be placed within the close proximity of the router.
  • Make sure that no object is placed between the line of sight of the router and printer as it may interrupt and block the signal from reaching to the printer. If here is any electronic appliance is placed in between, remove it as it might trap the radio signal from reaching to its destination.
  • Open the network and configuration screen and verify the default gateway and internet protocol address.
  • Re-define the internet protocol address if the default gateway and the internet protocol address don’t match then.
  • Visit to the HP’s website to download the firmware software.
  • Once it is downloaded, install the software.
  • On the bottom right side of the screen, execute the software and click on the update icon.
  • Once it’s done, restart the computer.

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