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HP printer tech support. No matter which brand’s printers you are using, you commonly get a Not Recognised error off and on. Here are some information given which explain the causes of errors and their troubleshooting steps to get you back up and printing in no time.

H986rinter tech support.

HP printer tech support.

1: Check the three basic things

To account for nearly all ‘Not Recognised’ errors, there are three quick checks. You may feel that they are insignificant but check them just in case:

  • If you have you been using the cartridge for a while and when they are empty, most compatibles say ‘not recognised’.
  • Check if you are using the correct cartridges for your printer. If you are using wrong ink, then also it will return an error.
  • Check that the cartridge is in the correct slot. A black in a colour slot or vice-versa will show not recognised error.

Double check each of these points even if you are 100% sure about that all of them are correct. If any of these basic mistakes you commit, you’d realize how easily a petty and simple mistake can creep in.

2: Try to figure out which cartridge has the issue

If in case your printer is reporting that only one cartridge have the error, directly head to the step 3.

If you are getting errors across the whole set after replacing more than one cartridg

e (even with those ones which were working previously) then the fault may be with a single cartridge that is being registered across each cartridge. Follow the steps below to find out and fix the necessary cartridge:

  • Take out all of the new cartridges that you had installed and re-install the old (empty) cartridges that were working fine previously.
  • Restarting the printer may remove not recognised error (even though there are some empty cartridges).
  • Now install one of the new cartridges.
  • Until the error returns, keep installing the new cartridges one-by-one. The cartridge that reflects the error is the cartridge to troubleshoot.

3: Keep the contact chip clean

Each cartridge has the copper banding, which is the contact chip of the cartridge. Check it to make sure that it should be clean because it communicates with the printer. To ensure that they remain clean and dust free, give them each a gentle wipe with a pencil eraser or cloth.

Reinstall the cartridge in your printer and restart it, is likely that this will clear the error.

4: Do a hard reset

It may sound strange to hear that printers can remember errors. After cleaning the chip and reinstalling the cartridge, turn off the printer at the plug and wait for 30 seconds.  Turn it back on after 30 seconds. Doing so will often fix the error and make you able to print from your device.

You still get Not Recognised error even though checking all points and applying above mentioned troubleshooting steps, it is likely that your cartridge has a fault. If you are sure that cartridge has some fault, arrange a replacement. If you are not sure why you are getting the same error or how to replace the cartridge, talk to the expert technicians at TechNetOnlines for HP printer tech support.