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The Dark Web is a scary and illicit place where most of the internet’s illegal activities take place. This is a place where one can buy and get drugs, fake degrees or passports, cloned debit cards, hacking tools, counterfeit or stolen items, weapons and much more. This place also has some sites that will allow you to hire a hit man, use someone’s identity or swap child pornography.


A hacker is claiming that he has stolen millions of Yahoo account credentials from a major tech company and now selling them through the digital underground. It is true that hackers might pilfer important information of computer users, and this incident is just the beginning. Most of the hackers and cyber criminals make money by selling the stolen information of users to other thieves.

Generally, these thieves use hacked information to steal and wreck credit and perhaps one’s entire financial life. Usually these transactions occur on the Dark Web. About 200 million Yahoo users have become the target of Dark Web and hackers have stolen their login their credentials. Then hackers list those users’ credentials for sale on the Dark Web for about $1,800. Usernames, passwords, birthdates, security question, and backup email accounts are some of the listed items.

When Yahoo came to know about this claim, it took that seriously and said that it is committed to protect their clients’ information. Now its security team is trying to find out that if the breach is real or the information of the Dark Web database is a fake. This is not the first time the “peace of mind” hacker is found involved in this type of attack. Back in the month of May, they also took credit for the LinkedIn hack that put 117 million people at a huge risk at that point of time.

If you are a Yahoo user, change your login credentials immediately because if this breach is verified, this step may be helpful to keep the cybercriminal away from getting into your account. Along with keeping the basic security factors in mind, install the protection of a good security software irrespective of which device PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android gadgets you are using. It is a solution that shields you from digital dangers like malware infections and attacks, spam and dangerous websites that are lurking everywhere.

There are many Security tools that may fully safeguard your digital life, including your privacy, personal information, and money from hackers, cyber criminals, and fraudsters. So you can pick one according to your requirement because hackers and cyber criminals continuously develop new schemes and tools to fool you.

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