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Data that you store on your Mac device is more important than the device itself as it is the reason why you buy laptops. Macbook is a complex machine that includes various software and hardware components and while you are using it, it may show some issues which may be related to its hardware or software. Broken screen is such an issue that may encounter because of various reasons including external as well as internal.

How to Access Your Data if Macbook’s Display is Broken

If you have broken or invisible display, it is almost impossible to see what is there on your Macbook’s screen. If you have backed up your data digitally then you may not be very much panic about a non-functional and unresponsive display as all your data is safe. However, you will be worried about to repair your machine as it will cost you enough money. But if you haven’t backed up your data, it will be double blow for you.

Most of the people are habitual of creating the backup of their data on regular basis as they take it for granted that any problem may encounter. If you are such a user whose Mac is not working and hasn’t back up the data will definitely face some problems. There may be several reasons that your Mac is not working and this term may refer different issues. So here, some specific issue is focused which are as follows:

You are able to turn on your Mac but its glass or display LCD is cracked and you are unable to navigate the system on Mac. However, all Mac ports are in good condition, and at least Mac has thunderbolt port or firewire.

There may be various reasons you got your LCD display cracked like your Mac fell down from the substantial height or you have dropped something really heavy on it that has left cracks on its screen. Now the point of concern is, how you will access your data on a Mac with broken display if you haven’t created backup of your data.

In this situation, there are two possible solutions:

  • Find another Mac that has thunderbolt port or firewire
  • Use cable, firewire to firewire or thunderbolt to thunderbolt.

Before moving ahead to fix the issue, let’s know a bit about the magic ports that you can see on the latest Mac.

  • This is the firewire port shape on Mac which is technically called firewire 800 (1)

Thunderbolt Port

  • This is the thunderbolt port (2)

The required cables are:

  • firewire 800 to firewire 800
  • Thunderbolt to thunderbolt cable

If your Mac meets all the requirements, follow the below written steps to access your data on Mac with broken display:

  1. Turn on your Mac computer, then press and hold the letter “T” on the keyboard, until you see the firewire or thunderbolt sign appears however it depends on your Mac’s type, but it will make your Mac to enter to Target Disk Mode.

Please note: As there are two Mac machine so the machine that has broken display will be referred as Mac 1 and another one will be referred as Mac 2 from here on.

  1. Connect Mac 1 with the Mac 2 using firewire 800 cable or thunderbolt cable.

Mac 1 connected to Mac 2 using Firewire or Thunderbolt


There are 2 options for doing so:

  • Boot to Mac 1 machine by using Mac 2

After the 2nd step, turn on Mac 2 and hold the option key that will show Mac 1 disk as a disk that you can boot with orange color on startup disk Mac 2.  Select Disk Mac 1 with orange color.

  • Make Mac 1 as external disk connected to Mac 2

Turn on Mac 2 after performing these steps. You don’t need to do anything now and Mac 1 Disk will be detected on Finder as external disk.

If you are not able of performing these steps on your own, you can ask the experts to provide you support for Mac. Expert technicians will guide you how to perform these steps correctly and is any issue occurs in between, they can guide you in a better way.