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Convenience comes first when it comes to communication and IT technology. Users always wish to get loads of features available to them at the touch of their device screen or with a quick vocal command. With the inception and integration of new technologies, digital personal assistants have made a powerful impact on mobile users as it gives significant features and options like communication over phone using voice call or by sending text message, liking, updating, sharing content on social media, running various gaming, banking, and other applications, etc. undoubtedly,  digital personal assistants have many things easy-to-access, their usage also bring privacy and security threats as they are  not free from cyber threats.


Although, developers strive to create a perfect application, but hackers and intruders always find a way to trade on security patches left while creating any software and system. Upon the release of Apple’s iOS 10 technocrats and curious users take a dig at the new features of it. Security experts and technocrats found glaring security flaws that may be misused by unauthorized users in order to access private information and data of the users. Last year an incident was reported that hackers made clever manipulation of Siri by getting the physical access of the device. These manipulations were possible because of the security flaws left and intruders used these flaws to snoop on other people’s phones.

Today, keeping the private information safe is a big challenge because cybercriminals always keep their eye on loopholes left in the system to perform cyber attacks and know about user’s whereabouts. Once cyber criminals successfully access the controls of your device and get hand on your important information and device, they can use your device as well as identity to perform unethical activities. They can make call from your device, sent voice/text messages, send email or message from your social media or email account, do online shopping, transfer your funds online, etc.

 How to protect against it

It is hard speculate that unauthorized access to mobile devices may bring what kind of repercussions. Unauthorized persons may leverage in personal matters once they have your personal details or the access to your device. Hacker can obtain certain information like social security numbers, passwords to accounts, your contact list details, etc. Any of these scenarios may impose big threats on the safety and security of your devices. Such risks defeat the purpose of the first place convenience delivered by the digital personal assistant.

The very first step you need to take is, disable such applications that pose your device to risk. Running a security application on your device provide the protection against such challenges. Keep your device password protected and don’t share your account details with anyone. To secure user data from unexpected mobile threats install Trend Micro Mobile Security solutions on your mobile device.