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If you are building your own computer or buying a new machine, it might seem like a no-brainer at the point of choosing your CPU. Building a PC may be a tough task, especially if you’re inexperienced because their multiple combination of parts that you could use to put a system together. It’s not easy to pick a set of components which are all compatible with one another, along with considering other factors like weight, size, performance, price, and more. But when it comes to CPUs, you have two smartest choices: AMD and Intel. These two companies make virtually all of the world’s desktop PC CPUs, and there are a lot of similarities and differences between these two processors. So here is a comparative analysis of AMD and Intel, and why should you go for an AMD or Intel CPU when building your PC because it is the processing unit which is truly the brain of your computer responsible for the optimum performance of the system.amd_vs_intel

It is an industry given the impression that Intel makes the fastest processors, whereas the fact is that AMD processors have made a positive impression on the gaming community with near Intel performance at comparatively lower process prices. Both Intel and AMD machines are user-friendly and can be tweaked. They both share the largest market share and in the current market, both AMD and Intel processor technology should remain where they are for the next few years at least. Although it’s tough to beat Intel, but for gaming, AMD processors meet all the needs and falls within budget.Intel_AMD_Chipset


Both companies offer different processors at a wide range of price points and if you compare both AMD chips are available for less. It is not necessary that AMD chips are a better value and generally it’s found that Intel provides superior compute performance as per the cost.  But there a few important exceptions to this like AMD chips also tend to offer better integrated graphics at any given price point and it might be better off with AMD if you want to play more games on your system.


In most of the CPUs clock speed is fixed, and they’re typically set at a level to ensure stable performing. Those users who are looking to get more performance out of their CPU, they sometimes perform a tweak to the processor known as “overclocking,” to increase the clock speed of the CPU. And AMD machines support overclocking more consistently than Intel. AMD offers overclocking in mid-range, whereas Intel doesn’t really offer over-clocking. But there are several high-end Intel chips with overclocking, and a few of them are offering eight physical cores. These chips are faster than anything AMD can offer at stock clocks, so when they are overclocked they indisputably dominate.

Game performance

Gaming is one area where the choice of CPU makes a huge difference. AMD offers many processors which are sold as APUs, it means AMD combines the processor with Radeon graphics on the same chip which offers excellent value for low-end gaming. Intel also has on-die integrated graphics, but performance wise it isn’t up to par with AMD’s Radeon.

Power efficiency

AMD’s struggle to keep up with Intel if both is compared in terms of power efficiency.  Although AMD has managed to stay somewhat competitive, but its processors consume far more power than Intel. A desktop with Intel chip will perform better while using less power. And if you’re looking at laptop, then also Intel-powered systems tend to last far longer on a charge.

AMD and Intel are competitors for two decades and in recent years, this battle has become a bit one-sided because New Pentium and Core chips have gradually edged out AMD at a variety points. If you have a high budget, then Intel is the obvious choice and if you have limited budget should give AMD’s chips a look. AMD offers more cores and better integrated graphics and offers far superior graphics performance even if there is no graphic card. But Intel has its own perks and its chips are far more power efficient, hence they tend to produce less noise and heat.

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