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You may face a lot of commonly occurring issues while installing Windows 10 on your computer. So here is a list of those issues that may appear, while installation along with their fixes so that you can solve them any new problem encounter.


Error 0x80240020/ Multiple Installation failures

This error occurs due to corrupted / missing files in the pre-download for Windows 10. To fix this, you need to clear the cache, and then re-download the files. Follow the steps to clean the cache:

1) Access the file location C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and erase everything there. (Note make sure that you do not delete the Download folder. You just need to delete only content found there.)

2) Open command prompt (CMD) with run as administrator (admin privileges) and run the command: wuauclt.exe /updatenow

Error 0x80070070


You will face this error if there is not enough space to install the upgrade on your C:\

To remove this error, uninstall/remove files or applications and allowing at least 30 GB of space.

Error 0x8007002C-4000D


This error appears if you try to upgrade a system and that has symbolic links not the correct links. Because Symbolic links or redundant links of applications do not resolve the issues correctly.

To find out the symbolic or redundant links navigate to – “%WINDIR%\WindowsUpdate.log” and diagnose the logged information because that logged information will help you to find out the file that causes the error. Once you know the file, remove it.

Activation issues with Clean Installation

Before performing a clean install, first you should try to activate Windows 10 through the upgrade process.

Blank Black Screen Appears After Installation

This problem encounters because of default video settings within windows when the installation completes and this issue is detected often with laptops.

To fix the issue, press the Windows + P buttons for navigating through the Display selection windows. From here, select the correct display adapter. (If you cannot see which selection, it is, use the Trial and Error method.)


Recovery Boot

If errors encounter while running Windows 10, follow the below written steps to access the recovery menu:

1) To bring up the power options, press Start.

2) While pressing Restart, hold SHIFT key.

When you press the both keys together, the computer will restart and a blue recovery menu will be shown on the screen. Click Troubleshooting when the machine reboots.

Admin Access Required to Open or Access Certain Folders or Files

While the upgrade or installation, you may lose access to files or folders stored on separate areas or drives because your user account is changed.

To fix this problem, you need to ‘Reset’ the ownership of those files or folders.

Modify User Profile Name

For some reason, your user profile will use a generated ID instead of the one that specified while a clean installation and this create a problem with your installation.

The fix for this problem, use User Profile Folder to Change User Account Folder Name.

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