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Every device delivered by Apple is a masterpiece in all aspects and iPhone is no exception. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are the magnificent products in the same list and  their great combination of hardware and software deliver exceptional experience to its users. But, it’s not easy to achieve perfection and these new devices seem to have some drawbacks too. A large number of people are reporting some issues which are mentioned below and it’s really important to fix them. The most common issues faced by iPhone 6s are described below with their fixes:

  1. Battery Life

bettery issue

It is a technical limitation that reducing the physical size of battery reduces the depletion level of the battery which Apple’s devices also have to suffer. To reduce the size of the new iPhone models Apple has to reduce its battery size. And another situation which is a great reason of low battery life is that the certain third party applications continuously run in the background which further depletes the battery levels.

To fix this issue, you can identify the faulty app and disable or delete them if they are not useful at a time or worthless to have. To stop them to run in the background, just open Settings and head to the Battery section in order to find out which app is consuming the huge amount of battery. As soon as you know the culprit, go back to the Settings main menu > General > Background App Refresh, and select the app and switch the slider to off. In the iOS 9, you can also enable the Low Battery Mode now.

  1. 3D Touch Problems

touch issue

The all new 3D touch is also one of the common issues of the iPhone 6s. However, it is quite tough to solve this issue on your own end, because it’s a problem on the hardware front. As the single option, you need to get it checked at the service center and replace your device. But take a break and look if the 3D Touch is enabled or not before checking for any iPhone 6s issues and fixing it. If still there is a problem, Head to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch to be make sure that the toggle is on. If it is already on and you’re facing 3D touch issue, visit an Apple service center repair your device or exchanged for a new one.

  1. Overheating

overheating issue

Overheating complaint is made by a lot of iPhone 6s users, and most of them don’t know the exact reason of this problem. There may be a problem in hardware, and in that case you need to swap out the faulty device for a new one. But before taking this step, you must try some other tricks. Any continuously running app in the background may also be a reason of overheating, if you feel so look for it and close it. If it doesn’t solve the problem, then reset your smartphone.

  1. Sudden Shutdowns

switch off issue

It is reported by the iPhone 6s users that random shutdown is one of the most frustrating. They report that most of the common methods to rectify this problem don’t work out to fix it. You need to be watchful about the app you’re using or the function you are performing when the shutdown happened, as it will be helpful to fix the issue.

To fix this issue, you can perform the soft reset or try restarting your device, but it’s not necessary that it can work for all users. Instead of trying the earlier method, the most successful way is, erase your iPhone completely and then setup it as a new device. You may select the option to restore or not to restore your data, so that everything works fine.

  1. Heat Dissipation from Home Button

home buttton issue

This issue was faced by early adopters of the new iPhone, which the iPhone 6s users are facing; where the home button or the Touch ID is dissipating too heat. The device may be a useful attempt for some users which can temporarily fix the issue, but it can occur again anytime. The solution of this problem is to contact Apple Care and replace your device replaced if you have purchased the new iPhone recently, because there is no reason to face this issue in the new devices. If you replace your iPhone, it is unlikely that you will face this problem.

If you are facing any of the above discussed issues, you can fix it with the help of above mentioned solution.

Taylor Olivia author of this article has written several dozen articles on computer repair, networking, android applications, and much more.  In this article she discussed about common issues in iPhone 6 and she also discuss about virus removal and data recovery tips and tricks.