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Being the world most popular browser, Google try to make its Chrome browser more user friendly. But being so popular and having a huge number of users, cyber crooks also use it as their favorite choice. Cyber criminals always try to break the security of your computer and steal the important information from there. To fix security issues of the users while browsing the web in the Chrome browser, Google has integrated a Cleanup Tool.


Google’s Cleanup Tool is a light-weight, stand-alone tool to protect Chrome users when they are accessing the Internet. You can run it instantly from hard drive or removable devices. If you run Chrome Cleanup Tool, it will scan the browser for unwanted extensions and add-ons and remove them. Not only this, it can find and delete unknown or suspicious apps that cause troubles while Surfing on the Internet. It doesn’t clash with or crash any genuine security program install on your computer.

This tool is made to scan the threats of the browser and capable of removing them only. It is exclusively made for Google Chrome browser. It doesn’t scan the entire computer for finding virus or malware. It can only perform scan to find malicious add-ons and extension confined within the Chrome browser. Such adware are usually hides themselves behind other programs that’s why most of the security application may not find them.

But Google’s Chrome cleanup Tool is a potential program that perform exceptionally well to fix   browser errors. This tool is a must because the browser hijacking attempts are growing at an alarming rate. Cyber criminals hijack the user’s browser computer and display ads or redirect them to other malicious websites, and change the home page to earn the money. So the safety of your browser is in your hands. So download the tool and enjoy the error free browsing.

Follow the steps written below to download and use Chrome Cleanup Tool

Important Note: Please download the tool after reading the owner’s disclaimer available on the official site and if you are agreed to terms and conditions mentioned there.

  • Go to the official page of Chrome Cleanup Tool Download. When you will open the link, it will prompt for “Terms of Service“, just accept that by putting a check mark in the box to continue.
  • Save the file to on your hard drive or on your desktop or any other place.
  • When the download is finished, access the download location and the exe. file of the clean up tool. It will be chrome_cleaup_tool.exe double- click on that.
  • As soon as you run the exe file, the tool instantly start checking is there is any r suspicious program.


  • When the search is complete, it’ll display if any malicious application is found or not. Click on Continue button for further processing.


  • Next, the Chrome Cleanup Tool will open browser settings and a window will prompt that asks you for a complete reset. Click on Reset button.


  • As soon as you click on the Reset button, it will restores Google Chrome to original defaults. It will reset your home page, new tab settings, and default search engine and disables add-ons extensions installed. Once this process is complete, you can choose extensions you wanted to enable.