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A few techniques to block the ‘Phishing’ trap

AVG Technical Support

Phishing is a method that scammers use to get personal data by posing to be from a trustworthy source. As a result, there are several people who fall for phishing attacks. We continuously update this forum with details about fake emails that try to access...

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How secure are these applications for your kids?


Does your kid have access to a Smart phone? Then it’s about the time you know about few apps that are famous with kids and young adults. Most of these applications are designed to keep your children’s online chat as private as possible. Some permit...

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How to Recover Your Data if You Reinstall Windows


There may be several reasons of reinstalling your Windows like you want to upgrade your version of Windows, or your machine went wonky, etc. Some of the people decide to reinstall their OS to get rid of usual or unusual glitches of the machine. Many...

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How Safe Personal Assistants to Keep Your Data?


Convenience comes first when it comes to communication and IT technology. Users always wish to get loads of features available to them at the touch of their device screen or with a quick vocal command. With the inception and integration of new technologies, digital personal...

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5 amazing capabilities that your smartphone have


You can’t deny the fact that since the launch of first smartphone, these devices have revolutionized the way people carry on their daily lives and they are still promising to take your daily life experience to the another level. Apart from making calls (Audio/video chatting),...

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How to fix 10035 Error and 1083 Error


When you try to run Norton program, you face Norton 10035 & 1083 Error. And sometimes you may receive blue screen error 0x00000094 KERNEL_STACK_LOCKED_AT_EXIT. after that your PC responds very slowly. Whenever “Error 10035” appears it crashes the active program window. A lots of users...

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