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A few techniques to block the ‘Phishing’ trap

AVG Technical Support

Phishing is a method that scammers use to get personal data by posing to be from a trustworthy source. As a result, there are several people who fall for phishing attacks. We continuously update this forum with details about fake emails that try to access...

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How to Clean Up, Speed Up, and Revive Windows PC


Not only your clothes, home, rooms, and closets need to get cleaned, but also your computer. To make sure that they stay at top of their performance, you need to declutter the digital and physical environment they operate. To run them optimally, you need to...

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Security of Confidential Documents is a Pervasive Problem

McAfee Tech Support

What if you collect the confidential details of your customer to keep his/her record and send this information to a wrong recipient in an external mailing blast list.  You may lend in big trouble if you accidentally share your (or somebody else’s) confidential document which...

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