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How to Resolve Mac OS X Errors While Installing It


While installing OS X El Capitan or OS X Yosemite, any of the two error messages “This copy of the Install OS X El Capitan application or OS X Yosemite can’t be verified” and “error occurred while preparing the installation” may display on your computer...

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How to Fix the Issue if “Installation Incomplete” error message


Any of the below mentioned error may display while installing Trend Micro antivirus applications. “Installation Incomplete… Error Code: #1601, 0, 0x000″ “Installation Incomplete… Error code: 1603, 0, 0x000″ “Installation Incomplete… Error code #1603, 3002, 0x00e0e109a4” “Installation Incomplete… Error code #0, 2019, 0x000” “Installation Incomplete… Error code...

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How to Fix Norton Error 3019, 1 & 6

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This error will reflect if you perform either incomplete installation or you download a corrupt file. So here are the symptoms and reasons of this error: Symptoms The active program window crashes after showing “Error 3019, 1 & 6″ While running your Norton antivirus program,...

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Overview about Android and its Security


Android is an open source mobile platform and Android applications make use of advanced hardware and software, local and served data, released by the platform to bring innovation, nascence and value to users. To protect that value, the platform offers a certain application environment in...

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Distinction Between Intel and AMD


If you are building your own computer or buying a new machine, it might seem like a no-brainer at the point of choosing your CPU. Building a PC may be a tough task, especially if you’re inexperienced because their multiple combination of parts that you...

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5 Free Amazing Stock Photo Websites


A picture is an impressive way to communicate your thoughts and messages to others and it leaves a strong impression on the mind of viewers, especially if it’s about a business, a website or educational report. Images play a crucial role for proper presentation creates...

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Tips to Use Mobile Data Smartly on Android


Every time you may not have the access of Wi-Fi network and to use mobile data is a bit expensive. So if you’re using your mobile data to stay online, you have to pay enough amount for that. But if you use your mobile data...

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How to Set Up a Wifi Hotspot on Your Mac?

How to Set up a WiFi Hotspot on Your Mac

Today Wifi hotspots have become quite ubiquitous; from office to home, restaurant to the airport! If you’re a Mac user and use it to connect to other devices to access the Internet, you can turn it into a Wifi hotspot. There may be situations when...

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