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How to Fend Social Engineering Attacks

Bitdefender Tech Support

Attackers trade on one of the most common and effective ways called social engineering to acquire computer user’s personal information and use it in unethical way. They use numerous tricks to get access to your personal data, email accounts, your online account information, and your...

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Security of Confidential Documents is a Pervasive Problem

McAfee Tech Support

What if you collect the confidential details of your customer to keep his/her record and send this information to a wrong recipient in an external mailing blast list.  You may lend in big trouble if you accidentally share your (or somebody else’s) confidential document which...

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How to Apply System Restore on Windows 10 PCs?


If something goes abrupt with your Windows 10 PC, due to a new application use or a latest driver upgrade, simply trying to roll back or uninstall the driver doesn’t always benefit. That’s where Windows 10 System Restore feature comes in; as it simply lets...

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How to get your children’s interested in Cyber Security?


Having less technical knowledge family people, particularly teenagers and younger children, interested in PC security is a thankless task. It is vital to teach them the implications of security threats along with the significance of preventive measures. Children and youngster are more susceptible to security...

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Common Mistakes Causes Malware Infections on Your Computer


If this was a perfect computer world, it wouldn’t have required running an anti-virus or anti-spyware software. In a perfect computer world users were able to know where exactly computer parasites, viruses, and other infections came from and how they can naturally stay away from...

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Let Quality Experts Repair Your PC


Electronic segment is at its best phase and every day, you hear about the launch of new technologies and electronic devices. The device that you buy today becomes an old device in comparison to the device that was launched just one month after as the...

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