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Ransomware is Putting Macs on Risk


Device manufacturers, cyber security companies, and security applications developers see ransomware in particular and malware in general as threats that predominantly target Windows-based computer. Windows systems acquire the largest market share and hackers used to target these platform users till now, but now they are...

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Some Best Tools to Manage Android with Mac


Apple’s Mac OS X and Android are the two different operating systems and it will be surprising to see that how Mac can operate an Android device (other than iPhone). It will be interesting to see that how Android performs when it is managed by...

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Sneak Peak into iPhone 7 Looks and Features


As the releasing date of the iPhone 7 is approaching closer, rumors started piling up from around the world. As the time wears on, these rumors are getting more stable and make people believe that Apple iPhone 7 may have all these features. So here...

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