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Ribbon UI was first introduced in Office 2007 then included in the file explorer in Windows 8/10. Ribbon UI consists of a command bar with a series of tabs and each tab contains various options and a set of commands such as Cut, Copy, Paste etc.  The standard tabs in the File Explorer Ribbon in Windows 7 are Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, and View. And the standard tabs in the File Explorer Ribbon in Windows 8/10 are File, Home, Share, and View — each containing a set of commands. Based on the type of file you select in a folder additional contextual tab(s) appears dynamically besides these standard tabs.

This document explains the way of adding any Ribbon command from File Explorer to the right-click menu for files or folders.

In Windows 10, the registry entries for each Ribbon command are stored under the “CommandStore” registry key.

Start the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and go to the following branch to access the CommandStore key:


Each subkey corresponds to a Ribbon command in File Explorer. For instance, a sub-command “Permanently Delete” under the “Delete” in the Ribbon UI is powered by the “Windows.PermanentDelete” key.

You can add this item or any other Ribbon command to the right click menu by tweaking the registry.

Add “Permanently Delete” command to right-click menu

You need to copy the following key to add “Permanently Delete” option to the context menu for files:


to the following key:


You can do this by exporting the 1st key to a .REG file (via File – Export command in the Registry Editor). Then, by editing the file with Notepad and changing the following path:




The file will look like this after editing:

Windows 10 Technical Supoort

Windows 10 Technical Supoort


Save the REG file, and double-click on it to run this file.

This will add the “Permanently Delete” option to the right-click menu for all files.

You can set this key for all file types, folders or both files & folders only on a per-file type basis. It is good to add the “Delete Permanently” command only for (all) files. It’s your call to add it to Folder. It will work, but there is always a risk of accidental deletion of an entire folder.

You need to copy it to the following branch to add the Ribbon command for folders:


Add it here to implement it for both files and folders:


Add “Copy as Path” to right-click menu

Without having to press the SHIFT key when right-clicking, you can make the “Copy as Path” right-click option appear by default by bringing the “Copy as Path” ribbon command to the right-click menu.

Note: If you are using the SHIFT key, it will still show the standard “Copy as Path” extended menu command. There will essentially be two “Copy as Path” commands when using SHIFT right-click on a file.

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