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A picture is an impressive way to communicate your thoughts and messages to others and it leaves a strong impression on the mind of viewers, especially if it’s about a business, a website or educational report. Images play a crucial role for proper presentation creates an effect. But using a copyrighted image is illegal and the owner of the copyrighted information may sue you to use the image without taking the legal permission from the authorities. Another way is hire a professional model and find a pleasant location for a perfect shot, which is quite expensive.

Fortunately, there are stock photos available on almost every genre which are available for free or at a very cheap price. However, it’s not easy to find high quality free stock photos. There are a number of websites which offer free stock of photos, but many of them with low picture quality. But in their lot, there are some websites which offer quality photos for free, you just need to put a little effort to find them. Just dig the stock carefully and for your convenience here is a list 5 best free stock photos websites created. Now you just need to do is, dig these websites and find the right one as per your need.5-free-stock-images-websites-you-should-know


Yahoo owns Flickr which is one of the biggest photo sharing website. Although most of the photos are copyrighted and cannot be used for commercial purpose without providing the original source, however, still there are many contributors who upload images on Creative Common license which enables the users to use them in any way. To get the free photos, you just need to get the access of Creative Common to use them as you please. There you will also find some other similar licensed based photos, including Attributes License, but be sure and go for CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) license photos.

It’s advised that before using any stock photos from Flickr, make sure you read the copyrights to avoid the situation of legal trouble. Flickr has a great collection of stock photos for free which may be useful in multiple ways, but be a bit careful while accessing thousands of stock photos.


StockSnap.io is another popular website if you want to download free stock photos with high resolution. All uploaded photos on StockSnap.io are under CC0 license, so you can use each and every image here in any the way you want. You may use them for both personal and commercial use. The interface of the website is also quite attractive with newly added photos shown below a search bar at the top.

There is a big database with thousands of photos from every genre and new photos add every day and hundreds of photos add every week. Plus, you can also become a part of the community if you want to upload photos. To do so you just need to do is sign up with them and start uploading photos. But just keep one thing in mind that photos must be uploaded under the CC0 license and must not have prior copyrights.


Pexels is relatively a new free stock photos website, where you won’t find a huge collection of photos; however, you’ll find quality in every aspect. Here all the available images are of high quality and based on a Creative Commons license. The interface of the website is quite intuitive and user friendly serves all the information in front of you. To find the photos of your choice, there is a big search button on top which you can use for the same reason and below you will find popular searches what other people are searching for.

In the main interface, you can check out both new and popular photos right in the main interface. It’s a new website and the developers add 10 photos everyday, 7 days a week, which are handpicked from different free image sources but all are of high quality.


Pixabay has a volumetric database of more than millions of photos and new being added on a regular basis. All images are uploaded under CC0 license, and along with the images, you can also find stock videos here. You can search and find lots of free stock photos on it. For your convenience it has an amazing filtering feature, which filters out your search to give you the most precise results. Plus, it also allows you to specify media type, like Photos, illustration, videos or Vector graphics. Its big list of categories helps you to specify in which genre your search lies. To make your search even more precise, it allows to select color of the picture.

Moreover, it also allows you to  contribute to the website by taking photos and uploading them to Pixabay, but the photos must not have any copyrights and must be under CC0 license, once uploaded. To search beautiful photos, there are two main categories as well, Editor’s Choice and Photographers to use.

Google Images

Google Images is another great source for finding free stock photos in the list. If you add some filters, Google Images can search for free photos. But images quality cannot be guaranteed as Google searches the whole web to get royalty free images, which also include low resolution images.

The process is very simple, go to “Google Images” and click on “Search Tools” in the menu. Now a tiny menu will open below it, here, click on “Usage rights” then choose your option to filter the search. Here to get CC0 licensed photos, “Labeled for reuse with modification” is the option.

Apart from all of the above stated options, there are many other options too, which can be useful to search for different licensed based photos.

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