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Browser extensions are the add-ons which can make them more productive than what they actually do. Safari rules the kingdom of Mac browsers because of its performance, functionalities, and flexibilities. And like the Firefox, Safari also has plug-ins to extend its capabilities. Below, the ten best Safari Extensions are enumerated in order:


  1. Validator

As a web developer and designer, you work with HTML and CSS validation. It’s an extension which can be very useful for you as Validator makes it a snap to verify HTML, RSS or CSS feeds using W3C. This extension also validates pages automatically as soon as you visit them and also shows the count of validation errors on the buttons.

  1. Pocket

It’s an amazing app if you’re familiar with it. This prolific app has introduced an easy way to save the text document for later reading without connecting to the Internet, which is more than enough to have and love Pocket. Using this effortless add-on, you can save your articles into your pocket account. It also allows you to read the articles on a variety of devices like Smart Phones, PCs, or Tablets regardless of which operating system it is using. To give you better reading experience, it has user-friendly interface along with labeling and tagging.

  1. ClickToFlash

While surfing the web, you might have come across some flash objects such as attractive programs, videos & some engaging visual contents, which keep on consuming Internet speed and make your browsing experience complicated. ClickToFlash is a solution which is available as a Safari add-on for Mac users to block flash contents off getting download or display on your system screen.

  1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a search engine service which is intended to provide you privacy and relevancy of the results with your Safari Browser. If you’ve installed this extension, you can set it as your default search engine of the same browser, no matter which websites you’re browsing. It’s a good choice for Safari if you’re considering its feature-rich toolbar which is included with this extension.

  1. Firebug Lite

Are you hooked by some amazingly designed websites and eagerly want to know how they have been designed, what is their coding? For the learners and developers like you, Firebug Lite is an intelligent extension which can help you to develop better and engaging websites using Javascript, HTML and CSS. It doesn’t only allow you to view coding of web pages, but also, to edit them and track the changes as soon as you modify them. It’s quite helpful to a productive web developer.

  1. LastPass

You may have experienced that you need to fill your details like name, email address, contact number, residential address and other personal details again and again while visiting a number of sites. Filling in the same information again and again is often frustratring. To solve this concern, LastPass is an Internet based extension which provides help to save your passwords and other data in a such a manner that it becomes accessible while Safari browser sessions. To ensure you that your data doesn’t go to wrong hands, it secures your information with the tight level of encryption and can be considered as a great tool for those who can’t remember passwords.

  1. 1-Click Weather

1-Click Weather is the official Safari add-on from The Weather Channel, which will keep you updated about the weather conditions of your area like what is the minimum and maximum temperature of the, what will be weather conditions, will it be a cloudy, shiny or rainy day, current temperature and other predictions also in the same browsing window.

  1. WOT

WOT means Web of Trust, which is a service that accumulate the user’s feedback and consider their demands or advices to calculate the reliability of a web-based service or a website. To help Safari users, WOT has published an official Safari extension with the same name so that they can know which web sites they should trust. Along with that, it’s a great source to know the reputation of a web-based service or any particular web site without exiting from the browser screen.

  1. Turn Off the Lights

While watching YouTube videos or visual contents over online streaming sites, lot of other elements on the page keep on disturbing you. To avoid this distraction use Turn Off the Lights extension, so that you can focus on the main content of visual media. This add-on dims the light of those specific regions of the page which disturb users. This inclusion is also helpful when you can’t turn on full screen mode, but still want to experience superb entertainment.

  1. SafariRestore

At some points, you may wish to restore or save some particular browsing sessions. SafariRestore is the same kind of extension which can organize, save and restore browsing sessions of your choice in the most simplified way. It’s a good solution to depend upon if you forget what you browse previously and want to get back earlier browsed sessions.

Like other platform users, Mac users can also avail various advantages from its own browser Safari and improve its usage as well as their own productivity.

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