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Now days, the Smartphone come packed with their own Email client and they are not suitable for daily use. Inbuilt Email applications vary from different mobile manufacturer and they are not flexible as compared to the third party Email applications for iOS and Android mobile phone. To supercharge your Email, here is a look at the top Email clients for both Android and iPhone.


  1. Mailbox

Mailbox is free, and developed by Dropbox to sync your Emails on the cloud in fair and minimalistic manner by their app. It is available for both iOS and iPhone and taunted by various users as the perfect application to get that evasive Inbox Zero.

  1. Inbox Cube

It is more powerful and feature-packed Email application for iPhone. It organizes your Emails elegantly into numerous cubes and accessing links, and photographs as well as attachments are made simpler with Inbox cube.

  1. Triage

Triage is simple to use and innovative interface Email application for iOS. With this amazing application, you can quickly achieve Inbox Zero with this through flipping up and down with your Emails. Triage arranges Emails into a heap of cards and by clicking up; you can archive or discard them. With a single tap, email forwarding and instant reply are also possible.

  1. Dispatch

It is another best Email app for iOS. Its intuitive interface and action-based Emails will assist you to de-clutter Email Inbox. More so, it enables you to push your Emails forward to Pocket, TextExpander, and even Evernote.

  1. Apple Mail

Apple Mail comes with a pre-installed version of iOS and Mac OS X. Its amazing features give the ability to search Emails through attachments and attachment types. Unfortunately, Apple Mail does not support other IMAP accounts.

  1. Hop Email

Hop Email is a good application for iPhone, which turns your Emails immediately in chat conversations. With this free app, you can connect with friends and family in real-time and share videos, photos, and voice calls.

  1. CloudMagic

CloudMagic is one of the best widely supported Email app with support for different network containing Yahoo, Outlook, Google Apps, and other IMAP accounts. Through complete integration support for Zendesk, Todist and Salesforce, you can get more work done from your Email client!

  1. Outlook

The outlook is available for both iOS and Android based mobile phones and their swipe access makes it simple to schedule messages, delete, and archive. Now switching between your email and calendar apps is much easier with support for appointment reminders!

  1. Inbox by Gmail

It is a free invite-only Email app for both Android and iOS devices. Through support for Reminders, Snooze, it is good Email app.

  1. MailDroid

It is also a free Email for Android smartphones. Support for OpenPGP and S/MIME makes it among the best applications. Besides, there is support for various IMAP and POP3 systems.

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